Federal Way Public Market to host second community engagement event

Federal Way Public Market 501(c)3, is a new nonprofit organization, hosting its Second Community Engagement event Saturday, Feb. 25.

The focus of the event is to engage and educate both our local community leaders and residents of the abundant unlimited growths for community businesses, educators and events in the year-round Public Market in Federal Way’s emerging downtown.

The event is from 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 25, at KO-AM TV (32008 32nd Ave. S. in Federal Way).

“I’ve had a vision since 2012 to bring a public market to our city,” said Roger Flygare, the president of the Federal Way Public Market 501(c)3 foundation. “I’ve felt for years that the city’s businesses and residents would benefit from a community-driven Public Market in our city. We desperately need to strengthen our local economy. We also lack a hub, a central gathering place, or a town square. We’ve learned that Public Markets are proven strategies for uplifting struggling cities like our own.”

The Federal Way Public Market recently completed its 501(c)3 qualified status in November 2022. The organization has contracted a grant writer to seek funds to conduct studies to determine the financial viability and best location for the Public Market.

The city, state, federal and community leaders, along with all community residents, are encouraged to attend this engaging second Public Market event, after our largely attended event last spring.

Vision: Establish a community hub to help our city grow as a vibrant and economically prosperous location to live, work, play, and worship.

Mission: Establish a Public Market to create economic, educational, and cultural opportunities for all Federal Way residents.

Goals: Foster economic development and create a central gathering place and town square.

For more information, visit www.fedwaypm.org.