Multi-Service Center CEO to retire in 2024

Robin Corak stepped into the role of CEO in 2012.

Robin Corak, CEO of the Multi-Service Center (MSC) since 2012, is retiring in January 2024, according to a Feb. 21 announcement.

“I’m proud of what MSC has accomplished over the last ten years and am excited to see what additional growth can happen under new leadership,” Corak said. “I’m looking forward to joining my husband Richard in retirement, traveling together, and focusing more on my writing.“

Corak joined the MSC staff in 2001 as the employment program supervisor and was promoted to CEO in 2012.

Under her leadership, the MSC has seen tremendous growth in several accomplished areas. Staffing at the MSC has grown to nearly 100 employees, and many represent the MSC on various local and national boards and councils.

Corak led the implementation of agency-wide DEI efforts, including the creation of a staff-led Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee.

“Robin will be greatly missed,” said Joe Atkinson, president of MSC’s Board of Directors. “She is admired and well-respected by staff, the board, our partners, and the community. She created an inclusive and welcoming culture for all who enter MSC’s doors and has done a tremendous job in growing our organization in a way that better connects with and serves our community.”

In the area of housing, Corak helped lead the construction and acquisition of an additional 150 affordable housing units, including the William J. Woods Veterans House. In early February, the MSC launched the Redondo Heights site to bring 334 units of affordable housing to South King County.

In addition, Corak’s leadership allowed the MSC to see revenue increases of 179% growth in the organization’s budget, and many of the nonprofit’s programs have been designated as best practice models by local and national entities.

Corak said it is not an easy decision to retire.

“I am, and have always been, deeply committed to MSC’s mission and to helping our community members find economic stability. The staff we have at MSC are amazing and equally committed to our mission. I am confident that our current staff and those that will join MSC in the coming years will take MSC even further towards fulfilling our mission of building a future without poverty,” said Corak.

MSC’s Board of Directors has established a search committee to guide the process to select the best candidate to lead MSC into the next decade and further.

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