Federal Way Police Cmdr. Casey Jones announces run for 30th LD State Representative

Jones aims to “improve public safety and quality-of-life issues,” according to his announcement.

The following is a news release from Friends of Casey Jones:

Federal Way Police Cmdr. Casey Jones announced on April 22 he is running for Washington State House of Representatives 30th Legislative District, Pos. 1.

Jones has been involved in law enforcement for more than 27 years and has seen the turmoil caused by the “police reform” changes imposed by the state legislature in the last two years.

These changes, conceived and propelled by the representatives and senator from our own district, prevent officers from doing the jobs they were hired to do.

“Almost certainly, you or someone you know has experienced increased levels of crime in our community: open-air drug use, community vandalism, burglary, theft, and blatant shoplifting at our local shopping centers,” Jones said. “This lawlessness has impacted our neighborhoods, our businesses, our schools, our families, and our children.”

“Officers around the state complain about the laws and about how they are unable to arrest criminals who need to be arrested,” Jones said. “I found myself complaining, too. Then when our current representatives missed opportunities to fix the bad laws they had created, I realized, I can do better for our communities… I need to run for one of their seats.”

After hearing community concerns, he is even more determined to improve public safety and quality-of-life issues.

“Our communities deserve good, thoughtful legislation. We don’t need laws that enable criminals and make it harder for police to stop them,” Jones said.

“Public safety is the most important responsibility of government. It is the foundation upon which other elements of our lives are built,” Jones said. “When crime is down, our communities benefit. Lower crime rates set the stage for thriving businesses, better housing, beautiful parks, safer schools, and places we enjoy taking our children.”

Jones believes new Legislative action is needed to repair the damage done by the current representatives. He plans to initiate and support laws that increase public safety to make our communities and our state safer for the families.

“We need laws that support our everyday lives, not laws that support criminals. We deserve better. Our families and our children deserve better,” he said.

A resident of Federal Way for 23 years, Jones has been in law enforcement since 1994 and is currently a police commander on a regional SWAT team.

He also has past experience as a school resource officer, narcotics detective, lieutenant, volunteer firefighter and resident firefighter. He holds a master’s degree in public administration. Casey is married and has two children in the Federal Way Public Schools district.

For more information, visit FriendsofCaseyJones.com.