Man beaten and robbed by juveniles | Federal Way Police Blotter

From the Federal Way police log.

April 17

Five vehicles were stolen, and four stolen vehicles were recovered on this day.

Mother Nature: At about 2:30 p.m., a male reported that someone threw dirt and pine straw all over his vehicle. The male said he believed someone did it intentionally because there was no straw in the immediate area. There was no video footage, but management or the building said, “It is due to Mother Nature.” No crime was reported.

Famous Footwear theft: At about 3:20 p.m., a male suspect stole $425.94 of merchandise from Famous Footwear at the Commons Mall. The suspect was subsequently arrested for theft and had additional warrants. The merchandise was recovered.

April 18

Three vehicles were stolen, and four stolen vehicles were recovered on this day.

Stolen vehicle rammed through building: At about 3:56 a.m., police responded to a commercial alarm at a business. Upon further investigation, it was found that a stolen vehicle was rammed through the business to gain entry. Three suspects then burglarized the business.

Puppy scam: At about 9:58 a.m., a female reported that she had been in contact with someone on Facebook who was attempting to buy a puppy. After sending the supposed seller $100 via PayPal, the seller continued asking for money and never met with the reporting party. It was determined that there was not enough information to identify a suspect.

Seoul Hot Dogs burglarized: At about 9:37 a.m., officers took a report from the owner of Seoul Hot Dogs after he noticed forced entry into his business and two tablets missing. There was no suspect information at the time of the call.

April 19

Five vehicles were stolen, and four stolen vehicles were recovered on this day.

Tesla charger cables cut: Two vehicle charging stations were vandalized at the Commons Mall, and two charging cables were cut off from the chargers. There was no further evidence at the time of this report.

Man chases residents with a sword: At about 9:39 a.m., officers responded to a report of a male at the Commons Apartments, 190 S. 334th St., chasing residents with a sword. The male was not located, but identified. A person involved suffered minor injuries from falling while running away.

April 20

Two vehicles were stolen, and two stolen vehicles were recovered on this day.

Blatant theft at Grocery Outlet: At about 4:30 p.m., a female reported that an unknown male walked into the employee break room and began to rummage through employees’ belongings. The suspect told the female he was an employee, but the reporting female told the suspect she knew he was not. The suspect then left, and at that time, the reporting female noticed that her phone had gone missing. The reporting female was then told to send in CCTV footage.

April 21

One vehicle was stolen, and two stolen vehicles were recovered on this day.

Man robbed by juveniles: At about 2:48 a.m., an officer viewed an ongoing robbery on Pacific Highway. The victim lay on the ground with about four to five juvenile males punching and kicking the victim. As the officer approached the scene in his patrol vehicle, the juveniles got into a red SUV and fled. The victim said he was repeatedly hit with a lug wrench, punched, and kicked by four to five juveniles. All four juveniles wore black ski masks, dark-colored hoodies and dark pants. The victim suffered bruising above his left eye and on the back of his head, and was bleeding from his nose.

Joyriding on a golf course: At about 6 p.m., a person called to report that two juveniles had been riding motorcycles and quads on a golf course. The reporting person said this is an ongoing problem carried out by two 13- to 15-year-old males.

April 22

No vehicles were stolen, and three stolen vehicles were recovered on this day.

Frying pan assault: At about 7 a.m., an officer responded to a report that a person hit their pregnant family member in the head with a frying pan and then threatened to kill another family member. The suspect was taken into custody.

Owed money: At about 1:15 p.m., officers responded to a report that a neighbor heard sounds of someone getting punched and saying, “Stop!” The neighbor said he saw a male getting lifted and dragged by two other people into a home. Officers conducted a welfare check and found the victim with blood, cuts and a possible jaw injury on his person. The victim said he was assaulted over owing someone money. The victim did not want to provide further details and declined aid. The case was closed.

April 23

No vehicles were stolen, and four stolen vehicles were recovered on this day.

Gas station robbery: Officers responded to a gas station convenience store robbed at about 2:50 a.m. Employees stated that two males walked behind the counter and told employees to open the safe. The employees complied, and the suspects took cash out of the till and left in a silver sedan. Officers conducted an area check and viewed surveillance footage of the event but could not locate suspects. The case was classified as inactive due to exhausted leads.