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Response to cannabis ‘con artists’

After four years, those who want pot shops still fail to accept the results of a fair and legitimate election.

We are the “con” artists who wrote the ballot statement opposing bringing pot shops to Federal Way.

In his letter to the editor last week, Roger Flygare claimed we were misleading voters by saying 61% of Federal Way residents voted against pot shops in 2015.

Perhaps we should have specified that 61% of those who voted opposed bringing marijuana retail stores to our community. However, we live in a democratic republic, which means that those who vote represent the will of the people.

After four years, those who want pot shops still fail to accept the results of a fair and legitimate election.

Mr. Flygare contends that because only about 25% of registered voters returned their ballots, the percentage who opposed pot shops was really only about 15%.

For a moment, let’s use his failed attempt at “logic,” which would dictate that the 38.6% of the votes cast in favor of pot shops is really less than 10%. That still means that half again more votes were cast against marijuana shops than for those shops.

Bottom line is that the forces who support retail pot in Federal Way are grasping at straws if they can only come up with this convoluted argument.

What really matters is that bringing pot shops to Federal Way sends the wrong message to our youth. Shame on those who place a greater value on a few tax dollars in the city’s coffers and the convenience of those who do not want to travel outside the city to get their “medication” over the well-being of the future generation.

Please read the “pro” and “con” ballot statements, which we are asking the Mirror to print. Then you can accurately assess who is playing loose with the facts.

Jack Walsh, Laurie Sherwin and Jim Stiles

Con committee

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