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Cannabis ‘con’ statement — a bunch of ‘malarky’

The “con” artists who wrote the “con” opinion regarding cannabis stores opening in Federal Way are misleading voters.

I am looking for solid ground to plant my feet on rather than watching people being misled by the “con” artists who wrote the “con” opinion regarding cannabis stores opening in Federal Way.

Namely, it was stated that 61% of Federal Way residents voted against the issue; that exceeds the number that actually voted. It’s an outright misstatement of facts. Shame on them for misleading you!

In the recent August primary, Federal Way had 48,820 registered voters, 12,622 ballots returned, which equates to roughly 25% of registered voters; 61% of this number would equal approximately 7,700 voters, making the more accurate percentage out to be slightly over 15% of the voters, which is a far cry from 61% in any stretch of the imagination.

My suggestion to those interested in the truth is to not put a lot of faith or pin any honesty on the “con” statement as it’s false, misleading and pretending to show a lot of support when in reality there wasn’t.

My further suggestion is for each registered voter to vote this November on this important issue; to do otherwise is giving into the idea that your vote doesn’t matter when in fact it matters a lot.

Roger Flygare

Federal Way

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