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King County’s emergency powers and your guns | The Firearms Lawyer

Imagine that a natural disaster has just occurred, forcing you and your family to evacuate your home. From your living room window, you can see… Continue reading

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Nice shot, Boy Scouts | The Firearms Lawyer

An NRA firearms instructor recently visited our Federal Way Kiwanis Club. He told us he goes all over the Northwest instructing Boy Scouts in firearms… Continue reading

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Behind many of President Obama’s recent forays into the international arena lies the issue of whether the United States is to retain its sovereign status,… Continue reading

Mayors and the right to bear arms | The Firearms Lawyer

Federal Way’s neighboring mayor, Pete Lewis of Auburn, presumably joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) to combat violent crime and make Auburn safer. MAIG’s Mission… Continue reading

Veterans and gun rights | The Firearms Lawyer

Have you ever noticed how everybody claims to honor our veterans? Even the anti-war activists that despised President Bush proclaim that they “support the troops.”Such… Continue reading

Federal Way’s courthouse security | The Firearms Lawyer

A recent study by the Washington State Board for Judicial Administration (BJA) provides guidance related to protecting our courts from violence.In July 2007, the BJA… Continue reading

Why we need rednecks | The Firearms Lawyer

Bill Pirkle’s column "A man holds his honor like water in his hands" (May 20) recently raised some important issues related to gangs, dueling and… Continue reading

Laws of self-defense | The Firearms Lawyer

Many of the people that come to me have legal problems that develop because of misunderstandings about when and where it is appropriate to deploy… Continue reading

Gun rights are a bipartisan matter | The Firearms Lawyer

There are still many good shooting ranges and clubs in King County and all over Western Washington.It is difficult, however, to find a range where you can shoot rifles… Continue reading

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The fact that the King County Sheriff’s office and other Washington state law enforcement agencies are being forced to eliminate officers has raised the issue… Continue reading

Should volunteers bring guns to disaster sites? | The Firearms Lawyer

Some Federal Way residents have devoted our evenings and weekends preparing for earthquakes, fire, WMD attacks or other disasters.One of the primary ways to get… Continue reading

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There are dozens of shooting ranges and clubs in King and Pierce counties.As early as 1466, shooting clubs were formed in Switzerland, and by the… Continue reading

Guns and domestic violence | The Firearms Lawyer

Firearms were used in 54 percent of Washington state’s domestic violence-related homicides since 1997.The Tacoma News Tribune states that abusers used firearms in 232 of… Continue reading

Assault weapon ban: Taking that bullet back | The Firearms Lawyer

In 1994, Congress enacted a ban on assault weapons.President Bill Clinton declared that such semi-automatic weapons were “built only for the purpose of killing people.”… Continue reading

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