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Confidence Orji from the TAF Academy demonstrates the electric bike she created with a teammate. The bike uses a wheel hooked to a generator to create energy from cycling. More than 100 independent projects by innovative young scientists were displayed at the annual TAF (Technology Access Foundation) Academy STEM Expo

TAF Academy STEM Expo showcases future inventors of America

The second annual TAF Academy STEM Expo, formerly known as the Science Fair, showcased a number of innovations and ideas last Saturday from young teenagers and young adults alike.


Gun sales are conducted within a highly regulated environment. Shown is a display at Federal Way Discount Guns.

News story shows gun store in false light | Firearms Lawyer

The fact that the reporters referenced Champion Arms and the Kent gun store’s licensing issues is a case history in how the news media often portray gun issues in a false light.


Sheep dogs and the threat of violence | Firearms Lawyer

The analogy of sheep dogs and sheep has been under discussion since Lt. Col. Dave Grossman raised it in his book titled “On Combat.” Published in 2008, the book describes three psychological approaches to threats of violence.


First aid: Are you a sheep or a sheep dog? | Firearms Lawyer

Most of us don’t expect to become victims of gunfire, but recent history has demonstrated that public places in America can become battle zones when we least expect it.

Federal Way Discount Guns and Shooting Range

Guns can fire up Federal Way’s economy | Firearms Lawyer

Federal Way is positioning itself to enjoy some of the money generated by the firearms industry.

Federal Way Discount Guns and Shooting Range

How does it feel to kill someone? | Firearms Lawyer

How many of us ever think about the psychological cost of learning to kill another human being?

Most service clubs agree: Gun safety is out of bounds | Firearms Lawyer

Apparently, the Armed Defense Training Association does not qualify as a service club because our focus is only on protecting life and not on feeding the homeless or providing scholarships for education.

Offer for King County’s Sikh community | Firearms Lawyer

The Seattle Times reports 80,000 to 500,000 Sikhs live in the U.S. — possibly 25,000 in Washington, mostly living in nearby Renton and Kent with other concentrations in Seattle, Bellevue, Marysville, Bellingham and Spokane.

Don’t blame the victims | Firearms Lawyer

A letter to The Mirror demanded that the editor publish a response from another point of view before publishing the inevitable Firearms Lawyer column regarding the recent mass murder in Aurora, Colorado.

Taking a bar stool to a gun fight | Firearms Lawyer

The hero that emerged from the most recent Seattle gun story is Lawrence, the brave fellow who threw a bar stool at Ian Stawicki to stop a bloody massacre at Cafe Racer.

When will Walmart sell guns again? | Firearms Lawyer

Several years ago, Walmart stopped carrying firearms at many of its stores. Most of the Walmart stores in King County have nothing more lethal than a BB gun.

Real commandos in Federal Way | Firearms Lawyer

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ken Snyder, a former Loach pilot who lives in Federal Way, at a dinner party. We started talking about how he and his wife like to get out and do some shooting.

Firearms Lawyer seeks poetic justice in Federal Way

I have never seen a poem published in the Federal Way Mirror, but I read a poem out loud to some friends in our home on Saturday night. Someone suggested that I submit this poem, "The Tears of the Lord," for publication on The Mirror’s religious page.

Loaded lessons from Tennessee | Firearms Lawyer

Here’s hoping the Second Amendment Foundation in Bellevue, a great organization that has taken the lead in many of the other cases around the nation, has King County dialed under their legal cross hairs.

Bring your kids to the gun show | Firearms Lawyer

A member of the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce just sent me an email asking whether he can bring his 10-year-old son to the Armed Defense Training Association event on May 3. He and his son have been watching “Top Shot” since the show’s second season and have been cheering for Federal Way Police Cmdr. Kyle Sumpter this season.

Federal Way’s future gun ranges | Firearms Lawyer

Federal Way and our entire region is full of people who are familiar with handling weapons.

Lawmakers exploit child gun tragedies | Firearms Lawyer

About one accidental firearm death of a child each year is typical in our state, according to state health statistics gathered between 2007 and 2010.

Federal Way police avoid Motorola monopoly | Firearms Lawyer

Now another boondoggle has come to light. The good news is that the Federal Way Police Department avoided another project to nowhere.

Clinton captured my conservative heart | Firearms Lawyer

In his 1992 presidential campaign, President Bill Clinton was talking a great deal about creating partnerships between private industries and public education.

Range time on TV: Root for local ‘Top Shot’ contestant | Firearms Lawyer

Just getting selected as a “Top Shot” participant requires candidates to compete against men and women that are highly ranked in various shooting disciplines. Most are experts with a certain kind of pistol or rifle. It takes the ability to master whatever weapon is at hand in order to be successful on the show.