Mark Knapp

Weapon tales: Time to fight back

According to FBI crime statistics, there were 9,000 hate crimes in 2007 and 41 percent of those crimes occurred in public buildings such as the… Continue reading

Federal Way police and reality-based training | The Firearms Lawyer

Law enforcement agencies require "qualification" tests one time each year.Firearms qualification ensures that officers can make a certain number of holes in a paper target… Continue reading

Gun laws: Legislatures listen to the people

The pundits are still analyzing the election results and will be doing so for years to come.Meanwhile, Americans are buying as many guns and ammunition… Continue reading

Which weapon is best for personal defense?

A weapon has to fit your personal defense strategy.

Firearms training means life or death for police and civilians

Federal Way recently had an unfortunate incident where a law enforcement officer almost killed a 22-year-old male who was threatening the officer with a “handgun.”The… Continue reading

Is Federal Way violating gun laws?

Aaron Walls, deputy city attorney for Federal Way, recently provided a written legal opinion. He asserts that Washington state’s law that controls all local firearms restrictions no longer applies in Federal Way parks and other city property.

Surveillance detection in Federal Way

I just completed three days in a surveillance detection training class.