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Put down your gun and hit the ground | Firearms Lawyer

On Aug. 25, Spokane County Deputy Brian Hirzel shot and killed Pastor Wayne Scott Creach after repeatedly ordering the 74-year-old man to drop his weapon.

Narnia, Christmas and Federal Way | Firearms Lawyer

When my kids were growing up, I read “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”

American history lives again at Federal Way’s Centerstage Theatre | Firearms Lawyer

“The Belle of Amherst” opened in 1976 and ran for 116 performances on Broadway

Federal Way needs a shooting arts center | Firearms Lawyer

Las Vegas is a city that understands the multiplier effect. Studies will certainly show that gun dollars flowing through Federal Way already far exceed the dollars that our city council members anticipate from any future explosion of performing arts — an economic miracle that cannot possibly occur until millions of dollars are funneled from the taxpayers and the schools.

The evolution of teaching U.S. history | Firearms Lawyer

Public school professionals place so much emphasis on diversity, tolerance and cultural understanding.

In case of disaster, shake a stranger’s hand | Firearms Lawyer

My travels as a lawyer often take me to remote towns in our grandly beautiful Evergreen State.

Public education waits for Superman | Firearms Lawyer

Folks that live in cities like Federal Way and Seattle often associate guns with crime.

Sense of entitlement in Federal Way mayor race | Firearms Lawyer

The pundits tell us that people are fed up with the sense of entitlement they perceive in professional politicians.

Slats Grobnik on Federal Way’s mayor race | Firearms Lawyer

Growing up on Chicago’s Northwest side meant reading Mike Royko’s column in the Daily News. His classic biography, "Boss,” about Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, is… Continue reading

Rest assured, Federal Way schools teach U.S. history | Firearms Lawyer

Superintendent Robert R. Neu spoke to the Federal Way Noon Kiwanis Club this week regarding the post he stepped into on July 1.

Domestic violence, guns and Federal Way’s mayor campaigns | Firearms Lawyer

I have been wondering whether attorneys other than me that assist victims of domestic violence tell women to consider obtaining a Concealed Pistol License.

Protecting lives in Federal Way and Iraq | Firearms Lawyer

I was standing on the corner of 320th Street and First Avenue in Federal Way, waving a campaign sign last year, when a police officer… Continue reading

Federal Way volunteer hits the right targets | Firearms Lawyer

Dave Gantt volunteered to teach firearms safety at our Federal Way armed self-defense class earlier this year.

Path less traveled: Discover the Dirty Harry within | Firearms Lawyer

My wife and I regularly walk the BPA Trail in Federal Way, or even take a few power laps around the inside of The Commons… Continue reading

How to get on a terrorist hit list | Firearms Lawyer

In March 2010, Charles Parsons allegedly left a counselor’s office at Calvary Lutheran Church in Federal Way, then shot six rounds, killing his ex-wife. According… Continue reading

What I saw at the Tea Party | Firearms Lawyer

The scales should have been removed from my eyes concerning racism within the Tea Party when I saw television news journalists snickering about “Tea Baggers.”

Chicago’s threat to the Second Amendment | Firearms Lawyer

The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decided the most important gun case in history on June 28, 2010.

Aim high: Federal Way schools need ROTC | Firearms Lawyer

Federal Way School District's retiring superintendent Tom Murphy gets kudos for obtaining results. Nevertheless, educators and parents tend to compare their local schools favorably to… Continue reading

Greater Seattle’s dialogue about social justice | Firearms Lawyer

Most of America heard about the Seattle cop that punched 17-year-old Angel Rosenthal during a jaywalking incident. James Kelly of the Urban League was quick to call Walsh's punch an “overreaction.” Watching the video will show any reasonable observer a great deal of aggression displayed toward the officer.

To wound or not to wound? | Firearms Lawyer

Over the past several years, I have attended several firearms training programs and have begun teaching firearms law classes in Federal Way.