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Columbine victim’s bully lesson | Firearms Lawyer

I started to think about survival of the fittest in connection with an anti-bullying event earlier this month at Meredith Hill Elementary School in Federal Way.

Keys to a safer Federal Way | Firearms Lawyer

Every once in a while, we showcase a Federal Way volunteer that is an example for the rest of us.

Castle Doctrine and your right to self-defense | Firearms Lawyer

Remember the “Craigslist” murder of James Sanders in Edgewood?

Ladies, let’s go gun shopping | Firearms Lawyer

Men behind the gun counter, who have absolutely no idea what a lady needs for shooting gear, are the reason why Jennie became an instructor and opened her gun shop.

So you want to visit Washington, D.C.? | Firearms Lawyer

Last spring, my wife and I finally got to visit our nation’s capital. I wasn’t sure how I expected to feel in D.C. because I have become so pessimistic about the direction our government is going.

Caped crusaders in Federal Way | Firearms Lawyer

Imagine standing outside a Federal Way nightclub when a big guy runs out the door, rips off his shirt in the middle of the street and gives every indication that he is about to violently assault a bystander.

Emotional impact of guns in crime | Firearms Lawyer

The Federal Way Mirror ran a controversial story recently that focused on a man’s personal history in the wake of the recent officer-involved shooting at a local Walmart store. An officer shot the alleged shoplifter while he was fleeing from the Walmart located on 20th Avenue South in Federal Way.

Hoplophobia is like homophobia, but for guns | Firearms Lawyer

The term “maven” became common in political parlance during the 1980s when William Safire, the conservative mantelpiece at the New York Times, began describing himself as “the language maven.”

Firefighters and paramedics need guns | Firearms Lawyer

Federal Way residents are encouraged to get Community Emergency Response Training, also known as CERT.

Sutro Tunnel illustrates fate of local gun range | Firearms Lawyer

Adolph Sutro should remind some of us of the struggle it will take to build an indoor shooting range in Federal Way.

This bumper sticker

Starbucks mermaid sticks to her guns | Firearms Lawyer

About a year ago, the Brady Campaign warned that “gun rights” activists were converging on Washington, D.C., seething with threats of right-wing violence.

This bumper sticker

Joys of legal silencers in Washington | Firearms Lawyer

Gov. Christine Gregoire signed three gun bills into law passed by lawmakers during the regular session. HB 1016 allows use of suppressors. Known as silencers, suppressors are common in many other states. Federal law requires some red tape with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).

When children play with guns | Firearms Lawyer

Many parents claim their kids are so trustworthy that they would never play with guns.

Retired officers and guns: Federal Way gets it right | Firearms Lawyer

Several years ago, a retired Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy retained me to provide him with an opinion letter.

Seniors, please keep shooting your guns | Firearms Lawyer

There are so many varieties of law practice that it would be hard to list all of them. People often ask me about the area… Continue reading

Open carry and the right to bear arms | Firearms Lawyer

Does the Second Amendment provide a right to carry a gun?The South King Fire and Rescue commissioners recently confronted the issue of whether Washington state… Continue reading

You inherited a right to shoot | Firearms Lawyer

A few years ago, some of us formed a committee in Federal Way to honor first responders. We found out that folks like that don’t… Continue reading

Charter schools vs. the 500-pound gorilla | Firearms Lawyer

The Federal Way School District recently conducted a public forum that focused on the achievement gap and equity.

Is there an all-out war on authority? | Firearms Lawyer

At least eleven law enforcement officers were murdered or wounded around the U.S. in one recent 24-hour period.

Sex, guns and progressives: The search for old-fashioned grit | Firearms Lawyer

New York Times columnist Stanley Fish states that Mattie Ross, the main character in “True Grit,” proceeds in the face of outlaws, rattlesnakes and other… Continue reading