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Sierra Madre: Death marks the spot | Firearms Lawyer

There are 10 peaks over 14,000 feet high in the Sangre de Cristo range.I am intrigued by the fact that the inhabitants of New Mexico’s… Continue reading

Who are the wackos with guns? | Firearms Lawyer

On April 8, the Tacoma News Tribune published an editorial about alleged death threats against U.S. Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.). The editorial stated: “In the… Continue reading

Slouching toward Holden Caulfield | Firearms Lawyer

I cut my teeth as a structural ironworker, but I love literature and philosophy.Standing on a steel I-beam 40 stories above the streets of San… Continue reading

Interpretation of Washington state gun laws | Firearms Lawyer

The port is just one municipality that has quietly conformed to Washington state’s firearms preemption statute.

McKenna’s fight over health care | Firearms Lawyer

As soon as they passed national health care, a chorus line of lawmakers claimed that Democrats are being threatened, even spat upon, by unwashed minions… Continue reading

Medical marijuana activist pollinates gun politics | Firearms Lawyer

Steve Sarich, the Kirkland medical marijuana activist who was wounded by a shotgun blast in the face and the arm, used guns to stop a… Continue reading

African-Americans and gun rights | Firearms Lawyer

Sometimes I hear people say that the Civil War was not really about slavery. I find that difficult to believe. Nevertheless, the fight for African-American… Continue reading

King County prosecutor and armed citizens | Firearms Lawyer

An armed citizen I assisted stopped a robbery by exchanging repeated gunshots with an assailant in an auto parts store in Tacoma. The armed citizen… Continue reading

Guns in schools: Sending the right message | Firearms Lawyer

People in Federal Way are concerned about what our kids are learning in the schools.Our superintendent says that we have some of the most successful… Continue reading

Zeitgeist and the spirit of liberty | Firearms Lawyer

Mirror editor Andy Hobbs penned an editorial Feb. 6 in which he asked the residents of our suburban city whether the specter of a new… Continue reading

Proposal to stop hate speech | Firearms Lawyer

I was recently surprised to find that another amateur journalist labeled my Firearms Lawyer column as the “screaming mimi equivalent to the vile, contempatable (sic)… Continue reading

All-American value of dissent | Firearms Lawyer

How has commentator Glenn Beck — a rather soft, cherubic looking fellow — achieved soaring ratings while alienating so many apparently decent people?Beck got many… Continue reading

Worldwide war on police? | Firearms Lawyer

Last month, Pierce County deputies responding to a domestic violence incident in Eatonville were ambushed and shot by David E. Crable.Sgt. Nick Hausner, 43, recovered;… Continue reading

Teaching kids not to fight back | Firearms Lawyer

At the last Federal Way Chamber of Commerce luncheon, we listened to outgoing school district Superintendent Tom Murphy’s "State of the Schools" address.I also had… Continue reading

Who is John Galt? | The Firearms Lawyer

Long ago, I started reading a famous book called "Atlas Shrugged."All over the United States, people would ask each other, “Who is John Galt?” The… Continue reading

What color is your camouflage? | Firearms Lawyer

Seattle recently observed a unique breed of terrorist in the person of Christopher John Monfort. Monfort allegedly assassinated a Seattle police officer on Halloween night.… Continue reading

How Chicago and D.C. protect honest citizens | Firearms Lawyer

Elliott Ness symbolizes the forces of reform that stood in the gap when gangsters in Chicago joined forces with corrupt public officials, including the police.As… Continue reading

Death of a cop killer: An alert mind is your best weapon | Firearms Lawyer

The day after we proposed a community event honoring first responders, a Seattle police officer demonstrated a degree of vigilance and preparation that exemplifies the… Continue reading

Honoring Federal Way’s first responders | The Firearms Lawyer

Federal Way resident Nandell Palmer hosted a recent event honoring unsung heroes.We honored men and women that raise families, nurture churches and encourage others. The… Continue reading

When lead is worth more than gold | Firearms Lawyer

On Nov. 18, Federal Way emergency management coordinator Ray Gross presented a seminar at City Hall titled “Long-term disaster survival: Beyond the first 72 hours.”There… Continue reading