Poem: Prayerful Thanksgiving

Poem by Robert J. Darrigan


We bow our heads in thankfulness,

For blessings by the score,

For protecting our loved ones near and far,

And giving us much much more;

We’re thankful for the air we breathe,

And the light from our bright warm sun,

All beauty and wonder, ours to behold,

Is there for every one;

The miracles of a simple hug,

Punctuated with a healing kiss,

The wonderful feeling, FAMILY brings,

A security, none should miss;

Thankful for the opportunity to serve,

Lend a helping hand to those in need,

To spread God’s mercy around the world,

And plant his ever-loving seed;

Most of all, we’re thankful,

For a God who cares for each He calls His own,

And someday we’ll hear his beckoned call,

To live with Him at home.

Robert J. Darrigan

Federal Way