Mark Miloscia announces run for Washington Secretary of State

Miloscia is a former state senator.

The following is a press release from Mark Miloscia:

Former State Sen. Mark Miloscia has announced his bid to serve as Washington’s next Secretary of State. After declaring, he made the following statement:

“To say this is a critical time for our state and our nation would be a gross understatement. Washingtonians need a proven, common-sense leader who will push back against the radicals running our state from Olympia, and fight to restore trust and integrity in our elections.”

“It is unacceptable that Washington State’s leaders – and leaders across the country – have allowed the public to lose confidence in the election process. They have merely dismissed, and in some cases even mocked the concerns of our citizens. They have done little or nothing to diminish the perception of fraud, ballot harvesting, illegal voting, cheating, and mismanagement. This is not how public servants should act.”

“I served as a Democrat for many years in the legislature before becoming a Republican. I know firsthand what happens when woke, radical ideas and a lack of integrity permeate into the most important functions of government. My experience in auditing billion-dollar Air Force contracts and many private and public sector organizations as a Baldrige Quality Examiner will, for the first time, put a trained auditor in place to monitor our election systems.”

“It is time to elect a Secretary of State who will fight to make sure that every person involved in counting votes is a person of integrity and honor. No more will we allow outsiders, like Mark Zuckerberg, to put their thumb on the scales of our election systems. We must “trust but verify” the results of every election.

“If I’m chosen to serve as the next Secretary of State, I will work tirelessly to ensure both Democrats and Republicans can again trust in our election systems, and present clear, unquestioned evidence that will guarantee and prove free and fair elections.”

Washington’s primary election is Tuesday, Aug. 2.