Jack Walsh seeks re-election to the Federal Way City Council

The following is a press release from the candidate:

Councilmember Jack Walsh held his campaign kickoff yesterday and announced he is seeking re-election to the Federal Way City Council.

“Two years ago I ran for City Council to fill the unexpired term of a person who, after attempting to bring Seattlestyle politics and policing to Federal Way, had gone on to the legislature to continue that misguided work,” Walsh said. “I thank the residents of Federal Way for saying ‘no’ to the Seattleization of Federal Way and electing me to serve on the city council. My colleagues and I on the new city council have made progress in this area.”

Since Walsh’s election, he and his council colleagues have voted to increase by nearly 10 percent the number of police officers serving the community. In that time, he and the council have enacted a pedestrian interference ordinance, which bans laying or sleeping on the sidewalk or in bus stops and a reckless endangerment ordinance, which helps restrict the smoking of fentanyl and other dangerous drugs.

Walsh also spearheaded a shopping cart ordinance that will reduce the proliferation of shopping carts in the public right-of-way. The ordinance, which is now beginning to be enforced, will help return stolen carts to the stores where they belong, will be a means to help refer homeless individuals to needed services and will help improve public safety and beautify Federal Way. “Our work is just beginning,” Walsh said. “I am running for reelection to continue the fight to provide opportunities for the drug-addicted homeless population to receive treatment and counseling, rather than enabling a destructive lifestyle.”

“I heartily endorse Councilmember Jack Walsh for reelection to the Federal Way City Council,” said Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell. “He’s a long-time resident, business owner and approaches the challenges of Federal Way with passion and a non-partisan perspective.”

Walsh will continue to support a balanced city budget with no new taxes.

“Growth is coming to Federal Way, especially with the arrival of the Sound Transit line,” Walsh said. “We need to make sure it is healthy growth. We already have a disproportionate share of low-incoming apartments. I am supporting market-rate housing that will continue to make Federal Way a great place for business, for living and raising a family and for retiring.”

Walsh has already received the endorsement of the Federal Police Officers Guild and the Washington State Association of Realtors.

Jack Walsh has lived in Federal Way for almost 40 years. He and his wife Judy have five grown children, all of whom graduated from the Federal Way Public Schools. They have nine grandchildren. Jack is an active member in his church, currently serving as Sunday School teacher. He has helped lead congregations and has served on the church’s public affairs council for more than 20 years. He has helped lead the city’s annual Parks Appreciation Day for the last 18 years and volunteers with the Federal Way Senior Center Food Bank. He speaks fluent Spanish, having served as a missionary in Argentina for two years.

Jack is dedicated to honoring Federal Way’s distinct character and not bowing to Seattle pressure. He has served on the council with integrity and is dedicated to bettering his community. He strongly believes that you can respectfully disagree without being disagreeable, and he fosters friendships and dialogue with people from all perspectives. The people of Federal Way can count on Walsh to listen and act on their behalf.