Man with ax attempts to enter neighbor’s apartment | Federal Way Police Blotter

Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log Nov. 15-20.

Nov. 15

Stolen stove: At about 9:40 a.m. near the 33100 block of 47th Avenue SW, an unknown suspect stole a camping stove out of a person’s open garage. The suspect fled into a green Honda Civic and the incident was captured on surveillance.

Gun displayed: At about 4:14 p.m. near the 2100 block of SW 320th Street, a stolen white Kia sedan pulled up next to another driver who was waiting to turn left. The rear driver’s side passenger of the Kia, who was wearing a mask, displayed a gun and pointed it at the other driver. The white Kia drove off and failed to yield for Federal Way police officers until it left the city traveling northbound on I-5.

Nov. 16

Dumpster fire: At about 10:34 p.m. near the 31400 block of 18th Avenue South, a passerby called 911 regarding a large dumpster fire in a parking lot with about 10 transient people around it.

Stolen school van: At about 9:44 a.m. near the 33200 block of 21st Avenue SW, an unknown suspect stole a Federal Way Public Schools work van while it was parked overnight in the school district parking lot.

Suspicious ride home: At about 1:23 p.m. near the 35400 block of 21st Avenue SW, a suspicious circumstance was reported. A transportation employee with the school district reported that they learned when students are let off the bus, there is a vehicle waiting in the area. The unknown driver yells to the kids that they know their mother and asks the students if they want a ride home. There is no description of the vehicle, but officers are increasing patrols in the area.

Nov. 17

DUI driver: At about 8:15 p.m. near the 2100 block of SW 344th Court, a person was found asleep in his vehicle while it was running and in the roadway. The driver was arrested and booked into jail for driving under the influence.

Upset shopper: At about 9 p.m. near the 1900 block of South 314th Street, it was reported that a customer became upset at the employees then threw a shopping basket at them.

Nov. 18

Attempted ax entry: At about 3:55 p.m. near the 28600 block of 25th Place South, officers responded to a report of a man attempting to gain access to a neighbor’s apartment while armed with an ax. Officers contacted the man, who was not cooperative, and also spoke with the victim and witnesses. The man was arrested and booked into jail.

Nov. 19

Theft to assault: At about 1 p.m. near the 1700 block of South 282nd Place, officers responded to an apartment complex for what began as a theft from a vehicle report. The call then developed into an assault and attempted vehicle theft. The suspects were not located.

Nov. 20

Weapons offense: At about 1:14 a.m. near the 2000 block of South 320th Street, officers responded to the listed location regarding a threat with a weapon. Neither the victim nor the witnesses wanted to provide statements.

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