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Mirror upgrades website, revises guidelines for letters | Alcott

In the next few weeks, The Mirror will be making changes to our website This new crisp-and-clean design makes space for more stories and photographs on the newspaper’s home page, and also offers easier access to readers on-the-go.

Federal Way’s post-tragedy breakdown | Rudi Alcott

As we move on as a community from the horrific events on April 21 that left four innocent victims and the perpetrator dead, I am reminded of the five stages of grief — denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Best of Federal Way 2013 winners | PHOTOS

We hope you enjoy the results along with the messages from the businesses and groups for which you voted.

The Mirror announces 3 new members of editorial board

This year, we have three expiring seats that opened due to term limits. Leaving the board are Matthew Jarvis, Nandell Palmer and Amye Bronson-Doherty.

Young imaginations bring Mirror’s literacy section to life

Each February, we get the pleasure of producing one of our most-read special sections of the year.

With genes like these, longevity is in style | Rudi Alcott

My eldest son came home from school the other night with a project in hand for extra credit. He received points for each past familial generation that he was able to put together.

Federal Way Mirror seeks applicants for editorial board

In March 2011, The Mirror formed the editorial board with the purpose of bringing together community members of the greater Federal Way area to address important issues.

The general theory of relevance | Rudi Alcott

Recently, I was talking to one of my good friends at Highline Community College, and he asked me if I had crossed the threshold.

Federal Way Mirror announces couponer of the month | Winner saves 85 percent

The winning reader had a savings of an astonishing 85 percent. Paying only 15 cents on the dollar at places as varied as Walgreens, Rite Aid, Petco and Bartell won Meladee Smith of Federal Way a $100 gift card to the retailer of her choice — Albertson’s.

Win $100 in the Federal Way Mirror’s coupon challenge

Want to win $100 just for saving money? The Mirror is sponsoring a contest in April to find the most coupon-savvy shopper in Federal Way.

Federal Way Mirror’s Best of 2012 award winners | PHOTOS

Check out a full list of winners along with photos from The Mirror's awards celebration.

New member of Mirror’s editorial board | Rudi Alcott

Amye Bronson-Doherty will fill the slot vacated by Mel West for the next year.

Best Of Federal Way 2012 awards coming March 14

On Wednesday, March 14, The Mirror will unveil the winners in the 14th annual Best Of Federal Way voting.

Kudos to the imaginations of Federal Way kids | Rudi Alcott

Each February, we get the pleasure of producing one of our most-read special sections of the year.

Christmas musings I think | Rudi Alcott

When did Christmas become a season of asking? I thought it was a season of giving. I think I’ll rename it a season of fleecing.

Basketball season dawns anew | Rudi Alcott

For me, as a product of Indiana, there is no truer sport than high school and college basketball. They embody what I think sports are all about.

New game plan for Microsoft | Rudi Alcott

So, Microsoft, what seems to be the hold-up here? I want to spend money with you, but you have a product that no one, not even me — your biggest fan — will use.

The Mirror will still deliver quality | Publisher’s note

On Jan. 6, 2012, the Federal Way Mirror will change delivery dates to Fridays.

Sand sculpting: Federal Way leaders deserves kudos | Rudi Alcott

One thing that the community has been asking me about is the status of the August sand sculpture competition.

Train ride to Portland rewards good kids | Rudi and Corbin Alcott

During the spring of each year, the seeds grow for one of Federal Way’s finest non-profits.In April, these seeds sprout to give life to a… Continue reading