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Introducing The Mirror’s inaugural editorial board | Rudi Alcott

For the past couple of years, I have wanted to start an editorial board for the community of Federal Way. The time has come to… Continue reading

The Mirror forms inaugural editorial board | Rudi Alcott

As we move into 2011, it is now time to put together one of the programs that I have wanted to do since taking over the helm at The Mirror.

Sand sculptor Charlie Beaulieu

World Championship of Sand Sculpting: Sneak peak of an artist at work | VIDEO

World Championship of Sand Sculpting competition will take place Sept. 8 to Oct. 3 in downtown Federal Way.

Sand sculptor Charlie Beaulieu
Eugene Montgomery helps Olympic View Elementary students board an Amtrak train to Portland on May 19.

Kids earn the right to ride Montgomery’s train | Rudi and Connor Alcott

If there is a better non-profit for kids in the Federal Way area, I am not sure what it is.Five times a school year, Eugene… Continue reading

Eugene Montgomery helps Olympic View Elementary students board an Amtrak train to Portland on May 19.

Why oh why: Questions in need of answers | Rudi Alcott

Why oh why. Just a few questions. Maybe some of you have some answers.• Why do tires always go bald during the winter? When you… Continue reading

My two cents – with change to spare | Rudi Alcott

• I had a constituent ask me about a quotes box where we list a quote of the day by the community leaders. I like… Continue reading

The meaning of words | Rudi Alcott

So what’s in a word?It is said that the American English language has about 1 million words in it, give or take a couple hundred… Continue reading

The natural order of things | Rudi Alcott

As I get older, I have thought about my time on this planet coming to a close more often than when I was younger.Some of… Continue reading

Social networking pays off with my kindergarten connection | Rudi Alcott

The invention of social networking is a game changer.There, I said it. And I am an old guy. At 41, I am considered on the… Continue reading

Celebrate Mother’s Day to infinity and beyond | Rudi Alcott

As we move toward another Mother’s Day on the calendar, shouldn’t this be a day that is celebrated year-round and not on just some non-descript… Continue reading

Dear Weyerhaeuser: Don’t uproot the bonsai garden | Rudi Alcott

All it takes is a seed to start a tree, but it may take a community to raise one.Though the trees at the Pacific Rim… Continue reading

Message from the publisher: The Mirror’s new printed look

And so it begins. On Jan. 28, you can hold the first print edition of the new and improved Federal Way Mirror.It seems everyone is… Continue reading

New Year’s resolutions for the Federal Way Mirror

Everybody has New Year’s resolutions.Do they get fulfilled? Probably not. I can’t remember one that I ever did. Told myself many times that I need… Continue reading

Our Web presence. Our new Web look.

Tangled web we weave: Mirror’s online makeover

Our Web presence. Our new Web look.

Goodbye, Federal Way

By Stuart Chernis, Mirror publisher