Bob Roegner

Stormy forecast for Legislature in 2011 | Bob Roegner

It’s that time of year again when the storms, snow and dark days are at their apogee. Much like the swallows return to Capistrano, so does the Legislature return to Olympia.

Genesis of a school board split in Federal Way | Bob Roegner

For several years, the Federal Way School Board was hampered by controversy that overshadowed many accomplishments.

Local elections to watch in 2011 | Bob Roegner

If you thought politics was fun last year, you are going to have a bit of a letdown this year. However, not to worry: 2012 will more than make up for it.

My prestigious 2010 political awards | Bob Roegner

It’s that time of the year again when we acknowledge the contributions, both good and not so good, of our public officials by providing them with awards of absolutely no value.

Strong mayor era reshapes Federal Way City Council | Bob Roegner

New Mayor Skip Priest and the Federal Way City Council will be under the big microscope of public observation the next few months as everyone watches to see how City Hall changes under the new strong mayor system.

The best and worst of 2010 elections | Bob Roegner

With a seemingly new low in tactics this past election season, many of you won't be surprised to find that there were several "worsts," but you may be surprised to find that there were some "bests."

On-the-job challenges for Federal Way’s mayor | Bob Roegner

o the average citizen, the job of mayor looks easy. It’s not. It’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No vacations, and time with your family is rare. It’s a job you can’t really appreciate unless you have done it.

Behind the scenes of Federal Way’s mayor race (part 2) | Roegner

This is the second part of a column on Federal Way's historic race for mayor.

Behind the scenes of Federal Way’s mayor race | Bob Roegner

With interviews over several months with the candidates, others close to the campaigns, and with an educated guess or two, we can take readers behind the political veil — and take a closer look at this historical election.

Candidates crack a few funnies on the campaign trail | Bob Roegner

I know most of you are glad that the election is finally over. Some of the races got downright ugly and lacked the decorum we would like our candidates and officeholders to exhibit.

Election battles set the stage for 2012 | Bob Roegner

The public’s message in last week’s election was pretty much “NO” to everything as they took out their frustration with the economy on candidates for office and government in general.

How does Federal Way feel about lingerie? | Bob Roegner

The economy has been the hottest topic in this year's election.

Election picks for Federal Way and Washington races | Bob Roegner

This is the second column of election picks as selected by a consensus of my political experts. As always, if they are wrong, they can be replaced by other experts who might be just as wrong. But it is fun anyway.

Democrats struggle for survival in November | Bob Roegner

Can anything save the Democrats this year?

District 30 Legislature hopefuls duke it out | Bob Roegner

Last week, the Federal Way Mirror and the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored a debate for the candidates for the state Legislature that was both informative and lively.

Federal Way mayor debate delivers the sizzle | Bob Roegner

While the tone had already been set a few weeks ago, those who wanted some sizzle added to the race for Federal Way mayor got it last week at the first public debate between candidates State Rep. Skip Priest and City Councilman Jim Ferrell.

Budget cuts: The true test for elected officials | Bob Roegner

"Money makes the world go around, the world go around.” So sings Joel Grey in the movie "Cabaret," set in 1930s Berlin. Eight decades later, it is still true, but in today's governmental parlance, it's the "budget" that makes the world go around.

Tale of two non-partisan offices in King County | Bob Roegner

Last November, the voters selected Dow Constantine as the new non-partisan King County Executive and Mike McGinn as the new mayor of Seattle.

Challenges and strategies in Federal Way mayor race | Bob Roegner

The preliminaries are over, and either State Rep. Skip Priest or City Councilman Jim Ferrell will be the first full-time separately elected mayor of Federal Way.

Warning signs for incumbents and Democrats in 2010 | Bob Roegner

But with economic woes and an unhappy electorate, many pundits are predicting a red tide that will sweep Republicans back into office.