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It’s filing week for Federal Way candidates | Bob Roegner

The political structure in Federal Way is apparently about to undergo a significant change as two well-known public officials will not seek re-election.

Mayor holds keys to Federal Way light rail | Bob Roegner

If you were looking for a political issue that is tailor-made for Federal Way’s strong mayor form of government, then Sound Transit just gave it to you.

McKenna leads pack of governor candidates | Bob Roegner

Who will be Washington’s next governor? The field isn’t set yet, but movements have been going on for quite a while. And there may be a twist coming.

Redistricting in Washington: Is Kucinich coming to town? | Bob Roegner

It is May 2011 and we haven’t even had filing week for local fall elections yet, and most of the political speculation is still focused on 2012.

Term limits have their limitations | Bob Roegner

Last fall and again more recently, a group of individuals has been advocating term limits for the mayor and city council here in Federal Way.

Civility Month warms up local election season | Bob Roegner

Baseball season has started, the flowers are out and occasionally so is the sun. Our dispositions are better and we celebrate that special person in our lives, our mothers. That means it’s May!

Transparency at City Hall? You be the judge | Bob Roegner

This is the second of a two-part column suggesting that by not holding public meetings or confirmation hearings where the public could offer comment, the… Continue reading

City appointments flunk transparency test | Bob Roegner

According to the dictionary, transparency is defined as “easily detected or seen through; clear.”

Who will run for Federal Way School Board? | Bob Roegner

Three seats on the Federal Way School Board are up for election this fall.

Conservation courts controversy in Federal Way | Bob Roegner

Apparently, conservation of environmentally sensitive property can be added to the list of controversial issues for would-be candidates this election season.

City council incumbents await more challengers | Roegner

This year, there are four Federal Way City Council positions up for election.

Federal Way must discuss medical marijuana | Bob Roegner

There are four Federal Way City Council seats up for election this year. If you’re thinking about running, there are all kinds of issues you… Continue reading

When did civil discourse take a wrong turn? | Bob Roegner

But what used to pass for civil discourse has taken a whole new direction, as “cranky” seems to have replaced “civil.”

Who else is changing their government? | Bob Roegner

For three years and two elections, Federal Way voters debated their form of government.

Who’s running for governor? Leaders to watch in King County | Roegner

King County government will be worth watching this year. Not only does the county continue to have budget challenges and potentially interesting races, but some… Continue reading

Want efficiency? Merge municipal services | Bob Roegner

In a recent column, I mentioned that merging different special purpose districts — such as South King Fire and Rescue and Lakehaven Utility District — with city government would be more effective and efficient.

Federal Way waits for rebirth | Bob Roegner

With many public budgets facing their third year of cutbacks in services and staffing, anything that creates “jobs,” “growth” and “economic development” has started to rival public safety in its level of importance to local government.

A brush with history and a true hero | Bob Roegner

Sometime in our lives, each of us encounters a brush with history.

Did Republicans ruin Rob McKenna’s chance to become governor? | Bob Roegner

During last year's election cycle, I wrote a column that suggested that with the economy down, the only thing that might save the Democrats from significant losses was the Republicans themselves.

Ins and outs of Federal Way politics | Bob Roegner

I receive many questions about my columns. Since other readers might have similar questions, I wanted share a few of them.