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Warning signs for incumbents and Democrats in 2010 | Bob Roegner

But with economic woes and an unhappy electorate, many pundits are predicting a red tide that will sweep Republicans back into office.

Magic numbers in Olympia: Will Republicans take power in 2012? | Bob Roegner

The magic numbers in Olympia are 25-50-1.No, they are not the combination to someone's high school locker. Those are the numbers you need in order… Continue reading

August primary election: No big surprises | Bob Roegner

The biggest surprise of the primary election this past week is that there weren't a lot of big surprises.

Primary election conclusions | Bob Roegner

Last night, the voters made their feelings known through the primary election. Most of you are going to be looking at those returns to see… Continue reading

Mayor race: Who will move on? | Roegner

Who will be Federal Way’s first elected mayor? State Rep. Skip Priest? Federal Way City Councilmembers Mike Park or Jim Ferrell? Or Mayor Linda Kochmar?Next… Continue reading

Legislature races to watch in District 30 and beyond | Bob Roegner

The primary is just around the corner on Aug. 17. Most of you probably already have your ballots.This week, we'll take a look at some… Continue reading

Closer look at the mayoral candidates, part 4: Park | Bob Roegner

Mike Park believes he is living the American Dream. America has given him the chance to be a successful business owner, be active in the… Continue reading

Closer look at the mayoral candidates, part 3: Priest | Bob Roegner

Skip Priest was the last of the four candidates to announce his run for mayor of Federal Way.According to most observers, he is the front-runner… Continue reading

Closer look at the mayoral candidates, part 2: Ferrell | Bob Roegner

Federal Way City Council member Jim Ferrell was the first candidate to declare a run for mayor.He boldly announced his intentions more than a year… Continue reading

Closer look at the mayoral candidates: Kochmar | Bob Roegner

Over the next four weeks, we will take a closer look at the candidates for Federal Way mayor. Each candidate has something to offer and they all care about making government work.

Levy suppression is serious stuff for King County | Bob Roegner

Tax rate suppression is a complicated issue and can affect most governments. The county is struggling with how to fund courts, prosecutors and the sheriff. But they also are worried about the potential for flood control, which lays on the horizon as potentially the biggest issue of all. Levy suppression occurs when local taxing districts’ “rates” in any given area in the county exceed the limit of $5.90 per $1,000 of assessed property value. There are over 400 separate levy codes county-wide which overlap each other and are added together to establish your individual tax bill. Some, such as EMS, are excluded.

Filling Tom Murphy’s size 14 shoes | Bob Roegner

"And the days dwindle down to a precious few..." is the plaintive refrain that signals the passage of time to its inevitable conclusion.And such marks… Continue reading

2010 Washington state elections: Surprises and front-runners | Bob Roegner

To those of us who love politics, filing week is one of the most exciting weeks of the year.

If Rossi loses to Murray, he is pretty much done in politics | Bob Roegner

The biggest political news in the state recently was Dino Rossi's confirmation that he will run for the United States Senate against Democratic incumbent Patty Murray. Rossi has been under significant pressure for several months by insiders, both here and in the nation's capital. Republican leaders in both Washingtons desperately need Rossi at the top of the ballot. In order for Republicans to have a chance at regaining the state Legislature in two years, they must capture several Democratic seats this year.

What do Washington voters think? | Bob Roegner

Every candidate for public office wants to know the same thing: What do voters think?Knowing what voters think helps candidates and their supporters determine what… Continue reading

Waiting on Gregoire’s next step | Bob Roegner

Recently, the media disclosed that Gov. Christine Gregoire is on a White House list as a possible replacement for Solicitor General.The Solicitor General position could… Continue reading

Legislative races in WA: The balance of power | Bob Roegner

Several candidates are already maneuvering for positions as the legislative races start getting under way.Half of the state Senate is up for re-election and all… Continue reading

Mayor election and the importance of words | Bob Roegner

How important are words?We have dictionaries, thesauruses and numerous books on the proper use of words. We had English teachers to ensure that we would… Continue reading

Game-changers in Federal Way mayoral race | Bob Roegner

And now there are four.This past week, Republican State Rep. Skip Priest confirmed he will join the field as a candidate for mayor of Federal… Continue reading

Strange and sexy political tales in Washington | Bob Roegner

You’ve just got to love politics. Yes, I know the auto industry and Wall Street with their bailouts and fraud have been good fun for… Continue reading