Letters to the Editor

City stands by selection of Mary’s Place to serve homeless families

Winter has begun and city needs to shelter homeless families immediately.

  • Jan 2, 2019

Is IRG taking environmental protections seriously?

City needs a comprehensive plan for the Weyerhaeuser property.

  • Jan 2, 2019

2018 – Bah Humbug

Bag of hot air has more substance than what was published in homeless report.

  • Jan 1, 2019

Extracting more fossil fuel

In the town of Kalama in southwest Washington, there’s an environmental disaster in the making.

  • Dec 29, 2018

Residents raise concerns over district’s active shooter response under review

The Sandy Hook shooting is fresh in our minds so the threat is all too real for others.

  • Dec 27, 2018

When will we see business development mayor speaks of?

Is it possible that some residents are happy Federal Way is a bedroom community?

  • Dec 23, 2018

Superintendent responds to letter: FWPS making gains for student success

This is simply not the case, and the data proves it.

  • Dec 21, 2018

Student casualties of failed education system

The school-house wheel does not need to be reinvented.

  • Dec 14, 2018

Post high school education costs

Charlie Hoff is a longtime supporter of education.

  • Dec 12, 2018

Choices have consequences in alleged voyeurism incident

I am saddened by the decision both girls made at the time of the alleged incidents.

  • Dec 11, 2018

No perfect grading model

The district needs to rid itself of antiquated processes

  • Dec 10, 2018

Response to Roegner’s claims

Mayor Ferrell’s Homelessness Task Force has not been “secretive.”

  • Dec 7, 2018

Weyerhaeuser déjà vu

The city of Federal Way and its citizens deserve better.

  • Dec 3, 2018

Proud of Decatur jazz

Band director Jeff Chang deserves the highest accolades.

  • Nov 28, 2018

Support local symphony and PAEC

Federal Way is fortunate to have a symphony of this caliber and this outstanding concert hall.

  • Nov 28, 2018

Pack the PAEC with reasonable prices

After attending some performances at the center, I’m convinced we have a “diamond in the rough.”

  • Nov 27, 2018

A gracious thank you to anonymous patron

To the anonymous diner at Red Robin: THANK YOU.

  • Nov 27, 2018

Attack ads from organizations outside of Federal Way are trying to influence our votes

A democracy cannot function when citizens believe its laws are being bought and sold.

  • Nov 5, 2018

Claire Wilson is attempting to inflate numbers and mislead voters

For me the choice is clear, vote Mark Miloscia.

  • Nov 5, 2018

Miloscia has not demonstrated commitment to children, respect for life

It’s time to pull the chair out from under state senator and give his seat to his opponent.

  • Nov 5, 2018