Sports: WIAA reclassification results are in for 2024-28

All Federal Way schools will compete at 3A level.

On Jan. 21, the WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) finalized the classification results for the 2024-28 school years. For the first time since 2020, the four Federal Way high schools will be the same classification. In 2016, the four schools were at the 4A level — this time the schools are at the state’s second highest classification for competition.

All four Federal Way public schools will be competing at the 3A level, with Federal Way and Decatur joining Thomas Jefferson at the 3A level. Todd Beamer opted up to stay in 3A and will compete against their inner-city rivals over the next four years.

League-wise, the sides will still compete in the NPSL, which will more than likely stay very similar to how it looked the last four years. With the two Federal Way schools dropping, Auburn and Auburn Riverside high schools will probably take their place and play a 4A schedule. Auburn Mountainview will stay at 3A as their cross-town competitors move up.

As far as the Kent schools are concerned, Kent-Meridian was one of five schools statewide to win its appeal and play in a class lower than its student population requires. Kentlake, Kentridge and Kentwood stay put and have no change for the next cycle.

Reportedly, Stadium High School in Tacoma has requested to join the NPSL, but adding another 4A school will upset the even balance of the league. Enumclaw and White River high schools also are moving up to 3A from 2A, and could join the NPSL.