Seattle Majestics have a new leader and new energy

Women’s football team’s players and coaches meet with media and fans in Federal Way.

The Seattle Majestics are heading into their 22nd season as a franchise, but just their fifth season in the Women’s National Football Conference, with a new yet familiar face at head coach and new energy with the program.

Federal Way residents will recognize the new head coach of the Majestics as current Todd Beamer High School football coach Rodney McCurry.

“Coach Rodney definitely brings a lot of energy and a different level of expectations,” said running back Molly Tester.

McCurry held an event where players, fans, family and media were able to interact and learn more about the Majestics for this upcoming season. A panel of eight players and the CEO of the franchise spoke to the crowd inside the Ron Sandwith Teen Center in Federal Way on March 10.

The Majestics season kicks off April 6 at French Field in Kent against the Utah Falconz.

McCurry’s team has a lot of football experience, from the starting quarterback Peanut Kamuta playing flag football at Lincoln High School to Jazmine Rambo, who has been a football training specialist at Ford Sports Performance, and Zay Dollente, who is coaching Todd Beamer’s offensive linemen alongside McCurry. Dollente was a bit unsure about coaching at the high school level, but thanks to McCurry, she went for it and has enjoyed it ever since.

“At first, I didn’t want to do it. I thought I was too young, my experience was too low. But Coach Rod brought that confidence out of me and made me be able to share that with these young men,” Dollente said.

The Majestics are an international team with players from three countries. One of those players is Ana Barbosa, who has played football for 14 years and plays for the Mexican National Team. Barbosa will be catching passes from 18-year-old Kamuta, which is quite the age gap between the two. Kamuta doesn’t see the difference as a problem and takes pride in building chemistry with her new teammates.

“When it comes to football, that (chemistry) is the most important thing for me. … Even if they have played the game longer than me, I know that I can set priorities with them and know their similarities and differences,” Kamuta said.

Getting girls involved in a sport like football has seen so much development since the Seahawks got involved and started over 60 programs around the state of Washington.

“Being able to see flag football become a sport in high school is amazing to see,” said Rambo.

Rambo played on boys teams until she was 15, and couldn’t play on her high school team. She had dreams to be the first woman in the NFL, but now that there are avenues for girls to play football, she knows this is a special time to be an example for younger girls.

“It’s so amazing to see the direction that flag football is going in and the WNFC is creating a flag football option and the Olympics … There is a whole streamline for girls from girls high school flag football … I am so grateful and thankful to be a part of it,” Rambo said.

The Majestics were 1-5 last season, but under new leadership comes new energy. The Seattle side is looking to make some impressive moves this season.

“We’re bringing a different energy for sure this year. We’re looking to be more aggressive and really knock people on their butts,” said running back Molly Tester.

Since 2019, the Majestics have won just 33% of their games, going 8-24 in the past four seasons. Last year, the Majestics’ lone win of the season was against the Oregon Ravens.

“It starts in practice,” said linebacker Charmaine Bradford.

Bradford is a vocal leader on the defensive side of the ball for McCurry and the Majestics.

“When we’re tired or we’re hurting, having each other to bounce off of, talk to and be vocal, that translates directly to how we react to our reads … It starts with just one person. If I can be that one person that helps lift our team, I take pride in being that person,” Bradford said.

Zay Dollente poses during the photo shoot for the Majestic. Photo Provided by Rodney McCurry

Zay Dollente poses during the photo shoot for the Majestic. Photo Provided by Rodney McCurry

Samantha Mendez speaks to fans and media. Photo Provided by Rodney McCurry

Samantha Mendez speaks to fans and media. Photo Provided by Rodney McCurry