Federal Way Mirror Male Athlete of the Week: Trevor Johnson

Johnson leads by example and give tremendous effort.

The Mirror’s male athlete of the week for April 5 is sophomore Trevor Johnson of Todd Beamer High School, baseball.

What is your favorite subject/class in school?


What additional activities/hobbies do you enjoy?

Legos and video games

Name your Mount Rushmore (Top 4) of Movies?

Princess Bride, Forrest Gump, What’s up Doc, and Star Wars

You’re on a long road trip, you stop at a gas station. You get one drink and one snack. What are you choosing?

Dr Pepper and Dill Pickle seeds

Describe your pre-game ritual and your favorite post-game meal.

Listen to music and strategize with teammates. Spicy Sandwich from Chick-fil-A.

Song you currently can’t stop listening to?

Confess by John Elefante

From the sidelines: Trevor deserves this honor for many reason including being a great teammate, leading by example and tremendous effort given. This last week in particular though, he deserved to be applauded for his first outing on the mound of the season. In what would be our first win of the season, Trevor came in in relief throwing 4.2 innings with eight strikeouts, only one walk and only giving up 2 hits earning the save in the process. Without Trevor’s great performance I have no doubt the outcome of the game would have been very different.