Federal Way Mirror Male Athlete of the Week: Justin Sutton

Sutton is a team captain for the Eagles and is a role model to his teammates.

The Mirror’s male athlete of the week for Jan. 26 is senior Justin Sutton of Federal Way High School, boys swim and dive.

What is your favorite subject/class in school?


What additional activities/hobbies do you enjoy?

Swim, Cooking, Playing video games, and Hiking

Name your Mount Rushmore (Top 4) of Movies?

· Everything, Everywhere, All at once, Evangelion 3.0 + 1.01, IO, Poor Things

You’re on a long road trip, you stop at a gas station. You get one drink and one snack. What are you choosing?

Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Fruit Punch Gatorade

Describe your pre-game ritual and your favorite post-game meal.

Pre- Eat a small snack, and listen to music, Post-BLT made at home with avocado

Song you currently can’t stop listening to?

“Como Asi?” by Kali Uchis

From the sidelines: Justin Sutton’s senior year as Team Captain with Boys Swim has been full of PRs and first-place races. His dedication and relentless spirit during grueling workouts have produced performances that boast time drops few can achieve. Justin began as a JV athlete during his sophomore year but quickly progressed to being one of the team’s top scorers. In strenuous events such as the 500 freestyle, Justin’s hard work earned him an impressive 3-minute time drop in the span of his 3 seasons with the team. Outside of the pool, Justin is a multi-talented individual who balances his time performing on stage as an actor and in choir concerts in addition to his athletic accomplishments. Justin has been a role model to his teammates through his daily hard work, determination, commitment, character, and enthusiasm as an athlete on the Federal Way High School Boys Swim Team.