Federal Way Mirror Male Athlete of the Week for Feb. 24: Vaughn Weems

Federal Way senior excelled during this basketball season, earning the highest honor of league MVP.

Federal Way High School senior Vaughn Weems, boys basketball, is the Federal Way Mirror Male Athlete of the Week for Feb. 22.

Q: What is your favorite subject/class in school?

A: Photography.

Q: What hobbies do you enjoy outside your sport?

A: Basketball, drawing, and playing video games.

Q: Who is the person in your life that has helped you succeed the most?

A: My Mom, Lateka Williams.

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone living or past who would it be?

A: My Grandpa, then I would be able to talk to him about my accomplishments and tell him I love him.

Q: Describe your pre-game ritual:

A: After warm-up, during the National Anthem, I walk over and toe tap the nearest door.

Q: Song you currently stop listening to?

A: ““Cry me a River” by Lil’ Relly.

From the sidelines: FWHS senior Vaughn Weems has grown tremendously in a short amount of time during this season. To see him excel at a high level consistently throughout the season and ultimately received the highest honor of league MVP is beyond outstanding and well-deserved. The intangibles that most often get overlooked and not reflected in the stats would be Vaughn’s ability in doing the little things that matter most to our team culture and values. Take charges, defensive deflections, vocal leader, and remain emotionally and mentally composed that provided consistency to our team success all season. We are excited that he has received this recognition award and are very proud of him.