Federal Way Mirror Male Athlete of the Week: Behailu Asfaw

The senior mantains a positive attitude and encourages his teammates.

The Mirror’s male athlete of the week for Oct. 6 is senior Behailu Asfaw of Todd Beamer High School, cross country.

Q: What additional activities/hobbies do you enjoy?

A: I like to play soccer with my friends.

Q: Name your Mount Rushmore (Top 4) of Movies?

A: “Edge of tomorrow”, “Detachment”, “Jack Reacher”, “John Wick”

Q: You’re on a long road trip, you stop at a gas station. You get one drink and one snack. What are you choosing?

A: Blue Powerade or Gatorade and Lays Chips.

Q: Describe your pre-game ritual, and post-game meal:

A: Pregame Ritual is eat pancakes, eggs and milk.

Post game meal is fruits water and energy drinks

Q: Song you currently can’t stop listening to?

A: Desse by Rophnan

From the sidelines: Behailu has shown up and worked hard every day at practice. He maintains a positive attitude and encourages his teammates with his leadership and the high standards he has set for himself.