Federal Way Mirror Female Athlete of the Week: Lauren Williams

Williams is a three sport athlete in just her freshman year; Volleyball, Flag Football, Fastpitch

The Mirror’s female athlete of the week for the week of May 3 is freshman Lauren Williams of Todd Beamer High School, Fastpitch.

What is your favorite subject/class in school?

Math or Spanish

What additional activities/hobbies do you enjoy?

Sports, watching TV, Arts and Crafts

Name your Mount Rushmore (Top 4) of Movies?

Twilight, Caroline, Teen Wolf, Crazy Rich Asians

You’re on a long road trip, you stop at a gas station. You get one drink and one snack. What are you choosing?

Drink: Sprite, Snack: Taquito

Describe your pre-game ritual and your favorite post-game meal.

Pre-game chilling on the bus listening to music or watching Netflix. Post game meal is CHIPOTLE!!!

Song you currently can’t stop listening to?

Hit em’ up style by Blu Cantrell

From the sidelines: Lauren has jumped into high school with both feet. She has participated in Volleyball, Flag Football and Softball. Lauren is not afraid to take on any task. Our softball team needed a pitcher, so she stepped up and has performed amazingly well for this being here first year. She understands the game of softball and has blossomed into a leader on the field, despite only being a freshman. We are very excited to see what the future holds for her here at Todd Beamer High School.