Mindful Souls Subscription Box Review – Is It Worth It or Overpriced Gemstone Crystals?

Statistics suggest that most American adults are under a lot of stress. The high cost of living and the recession have taken a toll on most people.

How can you remain mindful and manage stress in today’s chaos? Mindful Souls Box is a mindful-based meditation subscription service that helps consumers care for themselves regardless of the physical, economic, or social turmoil. How does the subscription service work? What is inside a Mindful Box? Can the boxes help you grow spiritually?

The Mindful Souls review highlights the subscription service’s effectiveness, content, pros, cons, and cost.

What is Mindful Souls Subscription?

Mindful Souls is a monthly subscription box designed to help you stay spiritual and conscious. The creators claim the contents of the Box are safe, spiritual-based, and easy to use. Mindful Box delivers multiple items for under $40.00 that are simple to use and take a short time to prepare.

Various items can enhance your spirituality in the Mindful Souls subscription box. The crystals, aromatherapy oils, and stones can help you attract positive energies and boost self-love.

Customers receive discounts when subscribing to the Mindful Souls box through the official website. The creator claims they obtained all the items from authentic sources and carry a certified authenticity seal from a reputable lab. Customers receive 6-8 pieces of different spiritual items each month with simple-to-understand instructions on how to utilize them effectively.

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Mindful Souls Subscription Box Features

  • Fast delivery
  • You can cancel the subscription service at any time
  • All the crystals are lab-certified
  • The Mindful Souls box can improve your spiritual and physical health
  • Mindful Souls website is secure and provides a safe checkout
  • Customers get a money-back guarantee

How Does Mindful Souls Box Work?

Most people are overwhelmed and have minimal time for self-care or self-love. The Mindful Souls box is a reminder that can help you care for yourself. The maker claims that the self-care items are personally curated and user-friendly.

After subscription to the Mindful Souls service, customers receive 6-8 items in each Box. The boxes are carefully packed and contain easy-to-follow instructions. All the spiritual items are ideal for daily use.

Each Mindful Souls box contains gem jewelry, powerful crystals, aromatherapy oils, beauty products, talismans, and various spiritual mystery items. Customers also get VIP membership and access to an online community of mindful folks.

Benefits of Mindful Souls Box

  • The Mindful Souls box helps individuals learn and use self-love rituals
  • It can kickstart and amplify your spiritual journey
  • Using spiritual mystery items, gems, charms, and crystals can aid in attracting positive vibes.
  • The charms and crystals may help in warding off bad energies
  • The aromatherapy oils can promote relaxation and alleviate stress
  • The Mindful Souls box can help users maintain self-love, making it easy to maintain good physical and spiritual health
  • Each stone is an exclusive fusion of content, perfect and imperfect, color, form, and mineral content
  • Customers get assorted and unique beauty products
  • All Mindful Souls crystals are certified and hand-picked

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What is Inside the Mindful Souls Subscription Box?

Mindful Souls customers receive monthly items to enhance their physical and mental wellness. The items include crystals, gem jewelry, aromatherapy, talismans, VIP Club 50% off storewide, and access to a private Mindful + Community.

Powerful Crystals

The Sumerians used crystals for healing. The ancient tradition is popular today, with most people attesting that the unique stones have energetic healing powers.

There are various crystals, each with distinctive properties and powers. The Mindful Souls box offers customers access to different types of stones. You can tap the healing powers of the precious stones comfortably at home. The crystals include:

Rose Quartz

Gifting a person a bouquet of roses indicates affection, love, and care. Rose Quartz is purportedly a physical embodiment of universal love. Mindful Souls says the powerful pink stones work with the heart chakra.

Adorning a rose quartz crystal allows you to tap healing energy into your life. It can help build healthy relationships between lovers, friends, and oneself. Mindful Souls box developer states it can boost inner peace and encourage harmony in every sphere of your life.


Mindful Souls argues that the amethyst is a potent stone with multiple spiritual and healing benefits. Spiritualists claim the rich purple ambiance of the crystal refers to the love radiating from our heart chakra.

Amethyst can help you attract new love. Crystal healing enthusiasts claim it can restore balance and tranquility to your nervous system, thus calming stress and negative neural signals.


Mindful Souls defines the amazonite as the courage crystal. Spiritualists state the stone can offer physical and emotional healing. Patients with chronic illnesses or anyone feeling under the weather should tap the healing frequencies from Amazonite stone. It aids in clearing stagnant vibrations and replenishing positive energies.


Opalite supports holistic healing. Mindful Souls says the powerful crystal can unblock the third eye chakra. It can increase your perception and awareness while also boosting your spiritual connection.

Opalite gem opens the primary portal, permitting higher spiritual wisdom to flow through all the seven chakras. Most people claim that crystals can boost entrepreneurial skills, encourage business success, and repel all negative energies.

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How to Use Mindful Souls Crystals

Customers should read the description card that comes with the Mindful Souls crystals. You can wear the stones to stimulate healing, improve focus, and dispel fears.


Benefits of the Mindful Souls’ Powerful Crystals

  • It can raise vibrations in your space
  • They can boost your meditation practice
  • The crystals may fortify your connection with the universe and inner self
  • The Mindful Souls crystal may aid the user in attracting unconditional love, abundance, and happiness

Gem Jewelry

The Mindful Souls provides customers with assorted gem ornaments each month. The gemstones can improve your look and offer multiple healing properties.

Astrologers claim that gem ornaments can initiate soothing energies in the wearer. Adorning the beautiful gemstones fills your system with positivity and can dispel misfortunes. Some diviners claim that beautiful decorations can cleanse your aura.

The Mindful Souls box contains different gem jewelry, each offering different healing powers. The benefits of the gems include:

  • The gems may strengthen the immune system
  • Some of the Mindful Souls jewelry can initiate loyalty, love, and passion
  • Some of the gems act as karmic stones, ensuring you radiate positivity and attract the same
  • It can free your soul and allow the wearer to speak their thoughts/truths without any inhibitions
  • Some of the gem jewelry can enhance energies, reducing brain fog and fighting physical fatigue
  • Some of the ornaments can dispel destructive thoughts and strengthen the inner self
  • The gemstones may align your chakras and emotions
  • The charms may intensify creativity, motivation, and intellectual abilities

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How to Use the Gem Jewelry

Some of the Mindful Souls jewelry includes bracelets and necklaces adorned with different gems. The developer suggests reading the meaning of each gem to help you understand situations in which you can wear it. Also, applying a few drops of the essential oils on the beads or gems improves your scent and may offer therapeutic benefits.


Essential oils to treat the body, mind, and soul have been used for thousands of years. Aromatherapy is a widespread practice across the world. However, only a few people understand how to use the essential oils.

Multiple natural plant extracts can promote health. Essential oil therapy uses aromatic oils to amplify the body, mind, and soul. The Mindful Souls box gifts users with different essential oils. Typical oils include eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, and geranium.

How to Use Mindful Souls’ Essential Oils

You can add oils to the necklaces, pendants, and bracelets to attract healing powers and spiritual benefits. Some of the aroma-therapeutic oils can offer anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer advantages.

Benefits of Mindful Souls’ Aromatherapy

  • The essential oils may boost sleep quality
  • Rubbing some of the oils on the gems can alleviate stress and anxiety
  • The aromatherapy oils can lower pain and soothe sore joints
  • Some oils can treat headaches and migraines
  • The essential oils can fortify immunity and fight harmful microbiota
  • Aromatherapy may lower inflammations

Mindful Souls Talismans

The Mindful Souls box contains spiritualistic charms that protect you against harmful energies and people. These include the protector dream catcher, meditating Buddha figurine, mystical labradorite pendulum, bohemian dream catcher, pocket guardian angel amulet, energy Opalite pendulum, and wisdom energy pendulum.

Mindful Souls claims the talisman possesses magical power to protect and bring fortune to the owner. The charms may protect the wearer from disgrace, accident, illnesses, and misfortunes. Mindful Souls recommends consecrating the mystery objects with aromatherapy oils to charge them and boost the levels of spiritual energies.

Benefits of Mindful Souls’ Talismans

  • The charms can invite harmony into your meditation space
  • It can attract positivity
  • They can create a mindful atmosphere
  • The charms act as reminders to remain mindful

Home Décor

Various items under the Mindful Souls box can add aesthetic value to your home. These include wall décor, singing bowls, Buddha décor, spiritual appliances, laps, and wind chimes.

How to Use the Mindful Souls Talismans

Wear the charms or place the talismans in designated locations to protect yourself against negative vibes and energies. The symbolic charms can help you stay pure and whole.

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Private Mindful+Community

Customers who subscribe to Mindful Souls get instant access to the remote community of other like-minded souls. You can get tips and deals that promote self-love, mindfulness, and improved wellness.

Benefits of the VIP Private Community

  • Access to private workshops, webinars, and events
  • You can expand your happiness and peace
  • The private community can help you save big with sales and exclusive deals
  • Customers get tips from wellness professionals
  • Mindful Souls clients get lifetime free delivery

Mindful Souls Box Pricing

The Mindful Souls Box is a monthly subscription service priced at $39.97 for a curated selection of self-care and spiritual items. The Box contains 6-8 hand-picked and authentic items worth over $100. Some products inside the Mindful Souls Box include mystery items, two original crystals, two-gem jewelry, an aromatherapy item, and mystery gifts.

Mindful Souls subscription service allows customers to cancel the service at any time. The first delivery occurs 2-6 days after subscription sign-up, while subsequent boxes are dispatched from a US-based warehouse on the 7th of each month.

After subscription, Mindful Souls pledges to supply the mindful box within six days. Subsequent deliveries occur on the seventh of each month. The company states you can adjust the frequency or cancel the service anytime.

Mindful Souls will replace any damaged or broken items promptly. The company pledges to give a refund if you find the subscription service unsatisfactory. Customers should contact the company for all queries at:

  • support@mindfulsouls.com

Final Word

The Mindful Souls box is a monthly subscription service delivering 6-8 items with spiritual and therapeutic benefits. The Box comprises gem jewelry, self-love tools, natural crystals, spiritual goodies, and other gifts. After the subscription, the firm delivers the unique Box every month. Mindful Souls allows you to request a refund or cancel the subscription anytime.

The Mindful Souls subscription box contents can alleviate stress, improve brain health, dispel negative energies, and amplify your overall wellness.

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