Dark Age Defense Reviews – Negative Customer Complaints or Safe to Buy?

Technology and innovation have become an inseparable part of our lives. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, technology is at play at every step. And technology relies heavily on electricity.

Now imagine a world where electricity does not exist because the system responsible for power generation has been destroyed. This power failure would throw you into the dark ages, and you will probably have to rely on candles to light your home. But candles cannot recharge your phone or let you communicate with your loved ones. Your entire house will be out of electricity. There will be no source to generate energy to keep the heat on or preserve the food.

The situation will become more life-threatening if this power outage is to last for months and even years. How will you survive such a situation of power-related catastrophe and keep your family safe?

This is where the Dark Age Defense system can come in handy. This product is completely new and our research and editorial team was surprised to see that something like this exists to help people generate electricity and survive the dark ages.

Keep reading this article to learn about the Dark Age Defense system and how to survive extreme weather events or power outages. We assure you that by the end of this article, you will learn to watch the world from a fresh perspective.

A glimpse of the product summary:


Survival Guide




Paul Grabowski


$67 (Official Website)

The Mastermind of Dark Age Defense System And Why He Created The Dark Age Defense Program

According to military experts and government officials, Russia is planning a cyber attack on the USA’s power grid system. There is also a possibility that the Taliban would launch an attack on America with the weapons and a secret small device left behind by the American military in Afghanistan. It would take only a few sub-stations to knock out the entire electricity grid in the USA and cause a complete power outage.

The period of the dark ages would descend as power outages spread throughout the country. Then, you would require an alternative power source to survive and keep your family safe.

That is why, Paul Grabowski, a plumber and martial arts expert, has created the Dark Age Defense system. The Dark Age Defense book was written by him when a natural disaster caused a 13-hour-long power outage.

Paul and his family had to live without heat in the winter storm. They even lost their dog, Bella to that storm. This is when Paul created a system to power his home separately from the USA’s power grid system. This Dark Age Defense system can also bring down your electricity bill by 92%.

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How Does The Dark Age Defense System Protect You?

The Dark Age Defense system is specially designed by Paul Grabowski to help you and your family survive the power outage. The survival guidelines revealed several useful techniques to generate and sustain electricity.

We found that the step-by-step guide and basic technologies Paul has used in the survival book are easy to follow and implement. With the help of these guidelines and techniques, you will have an endless supply of water, electricity, and food. This guarantees your protection and survival.

Dark Age Defense System’s Infinity Coil Generator

The main feature of the Dark Age Defense ebook is its Infinity coil that helps you generate electricity. Step-by-step instructions are provided to help you build it. So, let us tell you a little about this infinity coil generator.

An infinity coil is also known as an endless coil. The concept is based on Nikola Tesla’s research and it involves creating an ideal-sized cosmo generator with the help of an infinite coil.

The infinity coil is made using several infinite coils or endless coils. An infinite coil ensures that there is a continuous flow of electricity to provide sustained power to your house during a power outage.

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How Is The Infinity Coil Better Than Backup Generators?

Below is a detailed discussion on why Dark Age Defense focuses on infinity coil technology rather than backup generators:

Efficiency and Consistency

The Infinity Coil, at the heart of Dark Age Defense, outshines traditional backup generators in terms of efficiency and consistency. Unlike generators, which depend on fuel availability and often require constant refueling, the Infinity Coil generates energy endlessly without external resources. It operates silently, without the noise and pollution associated with fuel-powered generators. This consistent energy production ensures that your household remains powered, offering reliability that traditional generators struggle to match.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

One of the notable advantages of the Infinity Coil is its eco-friendly nature.

While backup generators rely on fossil fuels, contributing to environmental pollution and depleting natural resources, the Infinity Coil harnesses clean, renewable energy. It doesn’t emit harmful gasses or deplete fossil fuel reserves, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious individuals.


While the initial setup of the Infinity Coil might require an investment, it pays off significantly in the long run. Unlike backup generators, which continuously demand fuel purchases, the Infinity Coil operates without ongoing expenses. Once set up, it provides a cost-effective solution to your energy needs.

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Independence from Fuel Supply

Traditional backup generators are entirely dependent on a constant supply of fuel, which can be precarious during emergencies or natural disasters. Fuel shortages can render generators useless precisely when you need them the most.

The Infinite Coil, on the other hand, operates independently of fuel supply. It liberates you from the uncertainty of fuel availability, ensuring your energy needs are met regardless of external circumstances.

This independence is invaluable, especially during extended power outages when fuel supplies might be scarce or inaccessible.

Reliability During Prolonged Outages

In extended power outages, backup generators can become impractical due to the finite nature of their fuel supply. The Infinity Coil, designed for perpetual energy generation, shines in such situations.

Its ability to produce energy endlessly ensures your household remains powered, making it an ideal choice for prolonged outages caused by natural disasters or grid failures.

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Inside The Dark Age Defense System

We know you are eager to take a sneak peek into what the Dark Age Defense system contains. So, let us give you a glimpse of what you can discover inside the survival book:

  • Step-by-step instructions to a completely legal system to revive dead cars.
  • Guidelines such as calling 911 immediately if there is a power outage.
  • Techniques to create an invisible force field to protect your house and family. Using the force field technique can increase the infinity coil’s efficiency.
  • Guidelines to make backup power generators in case solar panels get destroyed.
  • Instructions on selecting the most appropriate infinite coils to create the Infinity coil to deal with power failure.
  • Infinity coil cheat code that will help you generate energy from the environment.
  • A step-by-step guide to creating a comprehensive compass to navigate the dark age times.
  • A DIY water force filter to store safe drinking water.
  • A sock fertilizer method to help you produce nutrient-rich food with the help of a sock, ice, and soil.
  • Off-grid space plan to create seven safe havens with the help of a pencil trick – Pencil Squared.
  • Step-by-step instructions to create an infinity coil to power your house using endless coils.

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Benefits Of Using Dark Age Defense

The major benefits of using the Dark Age Defense guide are:

Energy Independence

Picture never worrying about power outages again. Dark Age Defense offers you the freedom of energy independence. By constructing your infinity coil generator, you’re no longer tethered to unpredictable power grids or reliant on solar panels susceptible to weather conditions.

Imagine having uninterrupted electricity, regardless of grid failures or storms. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about control. You dictate when and how you use your energy, ensuring your household runs smoothly, even in the face of uncertainty.

Enhanced Security

Beyond energy concerns, Dark Age Defense prioritizes your safety. The program introduces an innovative force field technology, transforming your home into an impenetrable fortress. This isn’t just security; it’s peace of mind.

The force field acts as a powerful deterrent, safeguarding your family and property from potential threats. In uncertain times, knowing your loved ones are protected provides invaluable reassurance.

It’s like having a vigilant guardian, ensuring your home remains a safe haven, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—your family’s well-being.

Water Security and Sustainability

Access to clean water is vital, especially during emergencies. Dark Age Defense equips you with essential knowledge to save and store safe drinking water effectively. Imagine having a stable, secure water supply, eliminating concerns about scarcity or contamination.

With this skill, you guarantee your family’s hydration, promoting resilience in the face of adversity. Water security becomes a certainty, not a worry, enhancing your family’s ability to endure and thrive, regardless of external challenges.

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Food Preservation and Self-Sustainability

Ever thought about growing your food or preserving it efficiently? Dark Age Defense not only teaches you how but emphasizes the importance of self-sustainability. Imagine having a home filled with fresh, homegrown produce and preserved goods.

By learning these skills, you’re no longer reliant on external sources, ensuring your family’s nourishment even when supply chains are disrupted. It’s about fostering self-reliance, knowing you can provide for your loved ones independently.

Plus, it’s a rewarding, eco-friendly way to live, reducing waste and making the most of available resources, contributing to a greener planet while enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Investing in Dark Age Defense isn’t just an expenditure; it’s a smart financial move. By generating your electricity and preserving resources efficiently, you significantly cut down on utility bills.

The initial investment pays off over time, leading to substantial savings that you can channel into other aspects of your life. Moreover, the program’s focus on sustainable living ensures you minimize waste and maximize available resources, contributing to a greener planet.

It’s not just about savings; it’s about sustainable living that benefits both your wallet and the environment, aligning your lifestyle with eco-conscious choices that endure for years.

Community Resilience and Support

Imagine a community where everyone is prepared, where knowledge is shared, and support is a given. Dark Age Defense fosters this sense of community resilience. By sharing this knowledge within your community, you contribute to a network of support and preparedness.

Together, you build a safety net, ensuring everyone is equipped to face emergencies collaboratively. It’s about more than individual preparedness; it’s about strengthening community bonds and collective knowledge, creating a resilient community capable of weathering various challenges.

When everyone is prepared, the entire community becomes stronger, enhancing everyone’s ability to endure and overcome whatever comes their way.

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Pros of Dark Age Defense System

The pros of Dark Age Defense book are:

  • The Dark Age Defense system is cost-effective.
  • Your and your family’s survival is guaranteed.

Dark Age Defense: Drawbacks of The System

Dark Age Defense system has the following drawbacks:

  • The claims made by Paul in the book regarding health and food are not reviewed by Health Canada Approved Research or a licensed healthcare provider.
  • The statements are not even remotely substitutes for sound medical or financial advice by a professional physician and a financial consultant or certified financial advisor.

Dark Age Defense Price

It is a great thing that you decided to stick with us and have reached this section. If you have made up your mind to purchase Dark Age Defense then, let us tell you that the Dark Age Defense system will cost you just $67! Yes, it is cost-effective.

Pricing inaccuracies on the product sales page may occur though. So, do check the final prices at the checkout section as prices may vary due to region or an additional cost for tax or shipping.

Where To Purchase Dark Age Defense Program?

You can buy Dark Age Defense from the official website. Purchasing Dark Age Defense from the official website will give you access to bonus products and ongoing discounts.

You will be able to get your hands on authentic products to combat any natural disaster without falling for any cheap “get-rich money scheme” on bogus websites.

If you are ready to choose Dark Age Defense, buy it from darkagedefender.com only.

Dark Age Defense Reviews: What People Have To Say About Their Purchasing Decision And The Program

We can tell from the myriads of positive Dark Age Defense reviews that people do not regret their purchasing decisions. The customers find the Dark Age Defense system helpful and informative.

Natalie in her review details shared that the infinity coil generator works. She says, “It is an innovative guide to generate electricity!”

Dark Age Defense Reviews have also revealed that the guide is effective during emergency crises.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee On Digital Survival Guide?

You can buy Dark Age Defense today without any risk because Paul offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. He is confident that you will love the Dark Age Defense system but if you do not, a 60-day window is open to return the product and ask for a refund.

Bonus Products On Purchase of Dark Age Defense Book

Given below are the bonus products that Dark Age Defense book offers to its customers free of cost:

Water On Demand

Inside this guide, you will learn ways to purify water by making force field water filters. With the help of this guide, you can make water drinkable and ensure that you do not die from dehydration.

Produce Oasis

Produce Oasis uses the sock fertilizer method to help you produce your own organic and nutrient-rich food to keep yourself and your family healthy and not starve.

Off-Grid Escape

This guide includes the “off-grid escape” technique that Pablo Escobar employed to escape during dangerous situations. You can use this technique to ensure your and your family’s safety.

Bulletproof Buguo

Inside this guide, you will discover another bonus survival technique. Taken from Native Americans, this technique includes a survival kit to protect yourself during riots and reach safety.

Final Verdict On Dark Age Defense

We only review high-quality products and give an unbiased report to our readers. So, we can say with confidence that the Dark Age Defense ebook is an effective and affordable survival guide that can help you prepare for the dark period.

The infinity coil technology, Paul has shared, is something new and powerful that we think is worth a try. However, there is a tiny chance that this dark event will never occur and solar panels will work perfectly. But it is not a bad thing to stay prepared.

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