SuperFeedy Reviews – Is It Really Worth the Hype?

Does your dog wolf down their food as soon as you put down the bowl? You turn your back, and they’ve finished their dinner before you know it. While it might not seem like it, greedy eating habits are a health risk for your pup.

When dogs eat too fast, it can create life-threatening bloating that has the prospect of killing them. You don’t want to lose your furry friend just by giving them their dinner. Greedy feeding is just something that dogs do. Not all dogs eat fast, but many develop this habit.

The dog wants to eat the food as fast as possible because its instinct tells it might be its last meal. As a result, it develops fast eating habits that put its life at risk.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem. The SuperFeedy is a vet-endorsed slow-feeding bowl that trains this behavior out of your dog, keeping them safe and extending their longevity.

Introducing SuperFeedy 4-in1 Feeder – The Solution to Over-feeding & Over-eating with Greedy Dogs

If you have a greedy dog, it’s time to change their behavior before it’s too late and they develop life-threatening bloating problems. There are plenty of slow-feeder products available to solve the problem.

The principle behind the slow-feeder bowl is to create a maze that makes it challenging for your furry friend to take more than a small mouthful of food at a time. The bowl’s pattern creates a maze your dog needs to navigate to get at the food, slowing their eating.

Many slow-feeder bowls are challenging for dogs to manage, causing frustration when eating. The SuperFeedy offers all the advantages of a low-feeder bowl without the mealtime frustration for your dog.

The SuperFeedy comes with a deep bowl from mealtimes and a reversible lick mat. The deep bowl provides the same mealtime experience that your dog is used to, while the lick mat is ideal for dogs that mess up their food all over the floor. Its innovative 4-in-1 design makes mealtimes fun for your furry friend.

You’ll steadily train the greedy behavior out of your dog, reducing bloating risk and extending their longevity. SuperFeedys one-size-fits-all design makes it the ideal feeding solution for dogs of all breeds and life stages. The main bowl will hold up to ten cups of wet, dry, or mixed dog food and is compatible with all dog food brands.

Give your dog a challenge with their next meal and order the SuperFeedy bowl and lick mat. It features design and construction with non-toxic materials and is lightweight, providing an easy setup. It’s time to train the greedy behavior out of your furry friend before it’s too late. The SuperFeedy bowl and lick mat are here to save the day!

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SuperFeedy – Features

4-in1 Feeding Options

The SuperFeedy makes mealtimes fun for your dog. The reversible lick mat has different patterns on either side. The bowl and lick mat create a maze for your dog to chase food around the bowl and slow down its eating.

Reversible Lick Mat

The lick mat prevents messy eaters from splashing their food all over the floor, reducing your cleaning tasks after feeding your pup.

Works with All Dog Food

The SuperFeedy is compatible with all dog food brands and formulations for senior, adult, or puppy dogs. It’s ideal for all dog breeds and life stages.

Different Color Options

You have two color options for the SuperFeedy.

  • Dark gray bowl and blue lick mat.
  • Warm ocean red bowl with teal lick mat.

Dishwasher Safe

Pop the SuperFeedy in the dishwasher, and you won’t have to worry about it melting or distorting its shape. Its sturdy design withstands the extreme temperatures of dishwashers and dishwasher tablets.

Non-Toxic Plastic Construction

The SuperFeedy is constructed with recycled plastic and premium food-grade silicone. The bowl and mat are free from toxic PVC, BPA, phthalates, and lead.

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SuperFeedy – Benefits

Reduce Bloating

Stop your dog from eating too fast and developing life-threatening bloating problems. The SuperFeedy slows them down and eliminates bloat and over-feeding.

Endorsed by Vets & Experts

The SuperFeedy is a vet-endorsed slow feeder guaranteed to change your dogs’ eating habits. It benefits their health and is suitable for dogs with arthritis problems.

Extend Pet Longevity

Stop your dog from overeating and extend its lifespan by keeping it at a healthy BMI. Prevent fast-eating habits that lead to bloating and choking risk.

Easy Setup

The SuperFeedy is simple to set up. You just clip the lick tray into the top of the bowl, and you’re ready to go.

Easy Cleaning

The SuperFeedy offers easy hand cleaning and won’t denature or experience damage with exposure to dishwashing soap or dishwasher tablet formulations.

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Suitable for all Dog Breeds

The SuperFeedy is suitable for all breeds and dogs of all ages. Whether you have a Pitbull or a poodle, the SuperFeedy will change their eating behavior.


SuperFeedy – Pros & Cons


  • Slow down your dog’s eating behavior.
  • Help them change their feeding behavior and lose weight.
  • Great for greedy dogs that wolf down their food.
  • Avoid bloating and choking.
  • Turn mealtimes into entertainment for your dog.
  • Works for dogs of all ages and breeds.
  • Great discount on the special on-site promotion.
  • Guaranteed results or your money back.


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The SuperFeedy usually retails for $79.90. However, take action today and order yours in the limited-time promotion. You can get this amazing slow-feeder bowl for $27.96 and save 30% on the regular retail price.

You can purchase the SuperFeedy with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If your dog doesn’t love it, send it back for a full refund. You also get free shipping on qualified orders.

  • Email: hello@superfeedy.com

SuperFeedy – FAQ

Q: Is SuperFeedy an endorsed feeding device?

A: Yes. The SuperFeedy is a vet-endorsed bowl featured on leading news and media outlets like Pet News, ABC, CNBC, 7 News, and Fluffy. The Canine Arthritis Management of the UK endorses SuperFeedy as an arthritis-friendly feeder suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Q: What are dog owners saying about their results with SuperFeedy?

A: The SuperFeedy Bowl has 559 5-star reviews from verified buyers. Visit the official online store to read testimonials from buyers about how the bowl helped them alter their dogs’ mealtime behavior.

Q: Will my dog chew the SuperFeedy?

A: Some dogs may chew on the bowl, especially puppies. Monitor the dog while it eats, especially if it’s a breed with powerful jaws like a pitbull or cane corso. When it stops eating, take the bowl away and put it out of reach to prevent it from chewing on it.

Q: Will my dog adapt to eating the SuperFeedy bowl or mat?

A: Yes. Even if your dog is a few years old, it will adapt to the challenge of eating from the SuperFeedy bowl in a few days. They might make a fuss the first few times they use it, but hunger is a powerful driving force. Don’t give in to their demand for using their old bowl; let them figure it out, and they’ll eventually adapt.

Q: How is SuperFeedy different from other slow-feeder bowls?

A: SuperFeedy is a 4-in-1 utility, making it different from any other slow feeder. Its unique design includes a reversible lick mat, which is unavailable on other models.

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