Snore Escape Reviews – Does This Anti-Snore Device Work?

Are you ashamed because you snore? Has your snoring negatively impacted your partner’s rest or your relationship? The snorer is unlikely to understand how exhausting their snores might be for the person beside them. Imagine finally falling peacefully asleep, only to be disrupted by a sound that resembles a motorcycle roar.

If falling asleep was already difficult for some, falling back asleep will be even more difficult. So, what can the snorer do to ensure no one is affected? This is where it is fitting to introduce the Snore Escape Anti-Snore Device.

What is the Snore Escape Anti-Snore Device?

The Snore Escape Anti-Snore Device uses electrical feedback to help halt snoring. The creators developed this device with advanced technology and precise sensors, which, according to the Snore Escape team, helps improve sleep quality and reduce disruptive snoring by up to 80%. This means individuals could experience refreshed, peaceful sleep while ensuring their partners are not negatively impacted by snoring.

Before going further into the contents of this anti-snore device, it is imperative to understand its foundation.

How does the Snore Escape Anti-Snore Device work?

The idea behind the Snore Escape Anti-Snore Device is simple: it uses electrical feedback to disrupt snoring. Specifically, the built-in sensors work by detecting when an individual starts snoring. Upon detection, the anti-snore device will emit a moderate electrical pulse that triggers people to change their sleep posture or stimulate throat muscles to open their airways without disrupting sleep. In both circumstances, the snoring will stop.

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Now, what sets the Snore Escape Anti-Snore device apart from other related products is its design.

This device fits perfectly underneath the chin. The slight lifting of the chin helps to maintain an open airway during sleep. This alone prevents airway obstruction, which is the leading cause of snoring; promotes nasal breathing, which ensures better air filtration; and prevents the tongue and soft tissues from falling backward into the throat, another blockage that triggers unnecessary snoring. It is lightweight and small, so individuals should not feel its presence while fast asleep.

As for the electrical impulses, they are comparable to a mild tingling sensation, which suffices to help adjust the body while maintaining deep sleep. Individuals can adjust the intensity of the emitted electrical impulses using the integrated dials to best fit their needs. How can anyone overlook ease of use? This is achieved by attaching the device to one end of the patch and sticking the patch underneath the chin. Finally, each Snore Escape Anti-Snore device is completely rechargeable; therefore, individuals do not need to invest in batteries. The only extras required are the patches.

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How much does the Snore Escape Anti-Snore Device cost?


Each Snore Escape Anti-Snore device purchase includes a packing box, charging box, cable, and patches. In reviewing the pricing, the one factor that changes from one option to the next is the number of patches available. Below are different pricing options to choose from:

  • 1 Snore Escape Anti-Snore Device (100-patch pack): $79.00 USD each
  • 1 Snore Escape Anti-Snore Device (400-patch pack): $99.00 each
  • 1 Snore Escape Anti-Snore Device (600-patch pack): $119.00 USD each
  • 4-month patch pack (120 days): $19.99 USD each

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Wrap Up

Based on the above analysis, the Snore Escape Anti-Snore Device has been designed to combat snoring effectively in two directions, both targeted by emitting electrical impulses. First, it clears and opens the airways, and second, it stimulates muscles in the throat. Its compact size, thoughtful design, and strategic placement underneath the chin ensure that the airways remain unobstructed by the tongue or soft tissues – common culprits in snoring.

For those who might be concerned by the thought of electrical impulses, they are extremely gentle and controllable. Rather than having an annoyed partner nudging you to stop snoring, this anti-snore device achieves a similar outcome but peacefully and uninterruptedly.

While the underlying mechanism has been generally accepted, our editorial team would have liked the Snore Escape team to have been more transparent. The technical specifications, how-tos, and possible risk factors, among other information, have not been clearly outlined.

We encourage everyone to do their due diligence before getting started.

For detailed technical specifications and information, please refer to the official website or contact customer support by clicking here >>>


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