Wigged Out Ride raises $3,000+ for breast cancer survivors

A legion of rosy-colored riders raised about $3,100 for local survivors of breast cancer at this year’s Wigged Out Ride, a charity benefit supporting the Free Wig Salon at the Franciscan Breast Center in Federal Way and Gig Harbor.

More than 100 people turned out, riding about 80 motorcycles and breaking their record for attendance. This is the eighth annual Wigged Out Ride, which always coincides with breast cancer awareness month in October.

The ride was “absolutely brilliant,” according to organizer and founder Sue Scanlon. Scanlon said being able to stage everything at the LeMay Car Museum was a huge help.

Clad in pink wigs and tutus, the group rode from the car museum in Tacoma, where Scanlon works, up through Gig Harbor and finishing their ride in Bremerton.

All of the money raised goes toward the Free Wig Salon at St. Francis Hospital, which offers wigs to survivors of breast cancer. Hair loss is a common side effect of cancer treatment.

The ride itself is both joyful and serious. It’s a celebration of the fact that “we’re still here,” Scanlon said, and at the same time, it’s a chance to remember the friends and family members that the riders have lost to breast cancer.

“There’s an interesting thing we do on the motorcycle,” Scanlon said. “Your feet are on the pegs on the front, (and) when you carry a passenger, there are back pegs that they put their feet on. When we’re remembering somebody that has passed away, we put those back pegs down, as if we’re carrying them on our motorcycle and we’re taking them for a ride. So on Sunday my pegs were down, because I’m remembering my mother in-law, close friends, and people (for whom) their journey ended.”

Supporters can still donate via https://tinyurl.com/wiggedoutride.