Student in possession of dangerous weapon at school arrested

Sample of the Federal Way Police crime blotter.

The following is a sample of the Federal Way Police crime blotter:

Over self-medicating with alcohol: On Sept. 12, a resident in the 300th block of 21st Ave. SW became lethargic and had a rapid heart rate upon arrival at Fred Meyer. 911 was called when the lady passed out. The lady told fire personnel she had ingested 30 anxiety pills and drank alcohol. It was determined that the pills were prescribed to her. She denied wanting to kill herself. She was transported to St. Francis Hospital for mental health evaluation.

Report of threat with a knife: At approximately 12:35 p.m. on Sept. 12, officers were dispatched to Buffalo Wild Wings for reports of threats with a weapon. Officers arrived on scene and determined that no threat occurred and no weapon was involved. A patron walked in to the bathroom and witnessed a half naked transient male preparing to inject himself with a syringe. The male left the location and officers were unable to locate him. Employees believe this male is responsible for similar incidents recently. All witnesses did not want to provide statements.

School incident: On Sept 12, Todd Beamer High School administration advised police officers that a suspended student was on school grounds. After being told that he needed to leave school grounds, the student told school administration that officers would need to shoot him before he left school grounds. Police officers located the suspect in a classroom and he was arrested for trespassing. Charges were forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.

Missing person?: On Sept. 12, police received a call from a lady living in the 100th block of S. 316th Place regarding a possible missing person report. The woman said she has not seen or heard from her ex-husband since Sept. 10 and she was very concerned for him because she usually talks to him daily and the two have children together that he visits regularly. The caller said her ex- husband’s work truck was found near Lake Moses abandoned on Sept. 10 but he was nowhere to be found. The reporting party contacted Lake Moses police but they were unable to locate him. Lake Moses also did not want to make a police report because the man lives in Federal Way. The reporting party said her ex-husband has high blood pressure but is otherwise healthy to her knowledge.

Abandoned vehicle: On Sept. 13 in the 33000th block of 35th Ave. SW, a resident called about an abandoned vehicle that had been tagged on Sept. 6. It had been parked in the same spot for months. Police had warned the owners last year about moving the same vehicle as well where they moved it. The registration was expired more than 45 days, July 2017. When the police drove by, they noticed that the 24 hour notice had been ripped off. There was debris under the tires indicating it had been there for a while. Police knocked on the door of the house where it was parked in front of. No answer. Police called the phone number that was located in Spillman and there was no answer. An online search was also negative. The vehicle was impounded due to the registration being expired over 45 days and ignoring of the 24 hour impound notice.

Store theft: On Sept. 13 at the Walmart on South 314th Street, police responded to a call of a theft that had just occurred and Walmart employees were physically detaining the suspect. Police arrived and detained the suspect in handcuffs. He was ultimately released and charges will possibly be filed.

Store theft: On Sept. 12 at the Lowe’s on Enchanted Parkway, police were notified of a shoplifting incident that had occurred where the suspect fled on foot after loss prevention tried to stop him. He tried to take over $1,000 in merchandise. He left it behind when he fled. Some time later, the suspect went to the Tukwila Lowe’s. The loss prevention staff were advised about the Federal Way theft. Tukwila police detained the suspect and ID’d him. That information was relayed to the Federal Way’s Lowe’s loss prevention. Video and statement were given to police for charges to be filed. Suspect was charged with third-degree theft.

Jogger bitten: On Sept. 13 in the 100th block of S. 3252th Place, a jogger was bitten on the leg by a German Shepherd while both were using a trail. The victim was treated and the dog placed on rabies quarantine. The dog owner was issued an infraction.

Packages stolen from porch: On Sept. 13 in the 32000th block of 39th Ave. SW, a resident called police to report two packages worth approximately $70 had been stolen earlier in the day off his front porch. Video surveillance captured an unknown race female taking the packages off the front doorstep at approximately 3:35 p.m. The resident stated the packages contained men’s clothing and film.

Attempted robbery: On Sept. 15, the victim was walking east on 333rd Street and approached by three teenage males who were walking north on 20th Avenue South. The suspects demanded drugs, cell phones, and money, while pointing a handgun and threatening to shoot him. The suspects walked away empty-handed.

‘Hidden location’ not so hidden: On Sept. 15, the victim left their vehicle at McDonald’s on South 320th Street with the keys left in a “hidden area.” The victim returned to find the vehicle gone.

Fraudulent bills: On Sept. 15, police responded to Taco Bell on South 348th Street regarding counterfeit bills. The suspect was allegedly still on scene after trying to pass a fake $50 bill. He was contacted on scene and was unaware that the bill was forged. The male stated he had received it from an unknown “friend.” Upon inspection, it was a credible fake. The bill was taken as evidence to be destroyed and the suspect male was released.

Semi-naked man on deck: On Sept. 15, police responded to apartments in the 32000th block of Military Rd. S. regarding a suspicious subject. An unknown male in his underwear was being reported by the mother of an 11 year old. According to the 11 year old, the white male, in his 40s, had knocked on their back slider and asked if she wanted any candy. The slider was never opened and the male left in an unknown direction. He was wearing a pair of underwear and a baseball cap. Officers walked the area and spoke with other residents who did not see him. There are no cameras in the area. The officer spoke with residents about requesting cameras in the area from management.

Good Samaritan, not so good: On Sept. 16, the victim was driving her vehicle and got stuck in a ditch in the 35000th block of Pacific Highway S. A stranger arrived and provided assistance to the victim by getting into her car to help her get it out of the ditch. The victim eventually got her car out of the ditch and returned home. Later she was looking for her cell phone but could not find it. “Find my iPhone” app showed her phone in the area of Lakota Middle School in an unspecified house. The victim went with her grandson to the area to look for the phone. After knocking on several doors, she was unable to find the phone. She requested police assistance but was informed no further resource technology was available to pinpoint phone further. She suspects the stranger who helped her took her phone.

Stolen car used for hit and run: On Sept. 16, the victim had her vehicle parked at her apartment for several days. She has the keys to the vehicle and did not give anyone permission to take the vehicle. On the date listed, she noticed her vehicle was missing. When she notified the police of the theft, she was informed that the vehicle had been involved in a hit and run and had already been impounded.

Entry into unlocked shed: On Sept. 16, unknown suspect(s) entered the victims’ yard and entered an unlocked shed on the 700th block of SW 368th S. The subjects then proceeded to take a motorcycle, chainsaw and bicycle. As of this writing there are no viable suspect(s).

Counterfeit bills: On Sept. 16 in the 31000th block of 21st Ave. SW, a Domino’s Pizza driver responded to the trailer park. He was met by two subjects and given $45 in counterfeit bills (four $10s and one $5). The driver did not realize the money was counterfeit until he totaled his bank.

Car stolen while at restaurant: At 8 p.m. on Sept. 16, the victim was inside Applebees eating when his vehicle was broken into and various items were stolen.

Car vandalized while shopping: On Sept. 16, the victim contacted officers in regards to a theft from a vehicle while she was shopping at Hobby Lobby in Federal Way. The victim advised that a purse was taken from the front seat, the suspects broke the front driver side window to gain access to the purse. There is no suspect information, surveillance or witnesses at this time.

Car vandalized while in church: On Sept. 16 in the 35000th block of 16th Ave., the victim reported that while she was in church at the auditorium her left rear car window was broken out. Estimated replacement cost is $300. Stolen was a jacked valued at $40. No suspects, witnesses or leads.

Reported runaway found: On Sept. 16, a resident in the 700th block of S. 281st Place reported to police that she had located her juvenile runaway daughter at her mother’s apartment. The juvenile was positively identified and confirmed as a runaway reported out of Pierce County Sheriffs Office on July 18. The juvenile appeared to be in good health and did not require any medical treatment. She was cleared as a runaway via records.

Multiple cars vandalized: On Sept. 17, police responded to a call from an impound lot located in the 2000th block of S. 341 Place. Sometime between the closing of business on Sept. 14 and opening of business on Sept. 17, unknown person(s) entered their secure impound lot and vandalized nine cars, taking items that include wheels, tires, and gear shift. Trunks were forced open, and a window on the building was forced open. The point of entry is known.

Dangerous weapon: On Sept. 18, police responded to Thomas Jefferson High School when a student was found to be in possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds. Administration contacted school security and the student was placed into custody and booked into King County Juvenile Detention.

Gun found in donated items: On Sept. 18, while an employee of the Multi-Service Center on South 336th Street was rummaging through donated items and separating them into their appropriate bins, she found a gun hidden in some towels. They immediately called 911 who took possession of the gun. The listed gun was found to be clear with no registered owner listed.

Dog attack: On Sept. 18, two dog walkers were walking in the 32000th block of 40th Pl. SW when they were attacked by an American bulldog that was unleashed in its front yard. The bulldog left its yard and bit the dog walkers’ dog. The dog walker had to kick the bulldog and scream for help. Eventually the bulldog’s owner retrieved her dog. The owner was issued a civil infraction for public nuisance and the dog for exhibiting vicious propensities. She was warned to license her dog.

Purse stolen: On Sept. 18, police responded to Safeway on S. 320th St. regarding a male suspect who stole the purse of an 84-year-old women. Video is being reviewed.

Car vandalized: On Sept. 18 at Planet Fitness, South 320th Street, an unknown suspect broke the victim’s car window and stole his computer.