Paul McDaniel announces run for 30th LD State Representative

McDaniel is a small business owner, military veteran and third-generation Federal Way resident.

Paul McDaniel — a small business owner, Iraq veteran, and third-generation Federal Way resident — is running against incumbent Rep. Jamila Taylor for the 30th District State Representative, Pos. 1.

McDaniel announced his campaign on April 27.

The following is a press release from Paul McDaniel:

For years now, I have watched, with my fellow residents, as our community and country has slowly slid down the slippery slope of moral decay. To see this decay, all you must do is open your eyes as you drive down Pacific Highway. There you will notice the piles of garbage, abandoned shopping carts, people sleeping on sidewalks, and people brazenly willing to shoot up in broad daylight.

Constantly witnessing this decay is one of the reasons why I decided to run for office. It has helped me to focus my campaign on the core issues of public safety, education, strong families, and taxes.

Public safety must be at the forefront of the conversation. How many of us are afraid to go shopping after dark? Why are our kids fearful of violence at school? Why must our businesses “tolerate” shoplifting and vandalism? This fear that we are living in needs to end. It is my wish to help us get through this lawless time period by taking the handcuffs off our law enforcement. We must bring common sense and compassion to our drug addiction problem, which is the root of most of our crimes.

When it comes to education, Olympia needs to know that parents are the real stockholders in their children’s education and futures; from the books children read, the sex education they receive, and the school they attend. It’s your child and you should have more say.

Strong families are the backbone of our community. Too many of our families are one paycheck away from being part of society’s “working homeless.” Our priority should be helping the housing needs of these families while providing treatment for the addicts on the streets.

Why is it that Olympia never seems to have enough money and is constantly finding ways to get your hard-earned money by adding a new tax or raising current taxes? Why can’t Olympia live within its budget? I am willing to work for you to change this attitude and bring fiscal balance back to Olympia.

Since my 20s, I have been devoted to helping others, whether volunteering for nine years at St. Francis Hospital, having the honor of coaching wrestling at Totem middle school, or helping children and adults learn the art of Jiu-Jitsu. I have chosen to focus my life on spending as much of my time as possible supporting family, friends, and community as we move through life together.

While in Olympia, I will work to make the 30th District a place where we can safely raise our families together.

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