Man accidentally shoots self in traffic | Federal Way police blotter

Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log.

Sept. 2

Walgreens window shattered: At about 2:44 a.m. near the 34008 block of Hoyt Road SW, an unknown suspect shattered a window at the Walgreens store and stole several tobacco and liquor items. The suspect fled the scene in a vehicle.

Dog bark scares burglars: At about 2:50 a.m. near the 35800 block of 1st Place SW, several unknown subjects dressed in dark clothing were seen lurking between several residences in the neighborhood via Ring camera footage. At one residence, one jumped the fence, removed the exterior screen and opened the side window. It is believed the subject knocked over a plant and woke up the dogs, who began barking and scared the subject away.

Sept. 4

Crowbar to cash register: At about 6 a.m. near the 33702 block of 21st Avenue SW, a man in a Seattle Seahawks hat entered the Fred Meyer store. The man walked to the home department and withdrew a crowbar before prying a nearby register open. The drawer contained only coins and the subject was not seen taking any cash or items. The man left shortly after and fled the scene in a white Subaru.

Brandished firearm: At about 6:30 p.m. near the 2000 block of SW 336th Street, a person waiting in line at the grocery store witnessed an unknown male lift his shirt to reveal a black handgun tucked inside his waistband. The male suspect then directed a racial slur at the person. The suspect then left the store.

Sept. 6

Intoxicated at traffic light: At about 6:15 a.m. near the 32000 block of 23rd Avenue S., a passerby witnessed a subject passed out at the red light. Several cycles of the traffic light had gone by and the man had not moved. Police arrived on the scene and through investigation, they determined the man to be under the influence. The man was arrested without incident and booked into Puyallup jail for DUI.

Expensive vacation: At about 12:15 p.m. near the 700 block of SW 357th Street, the resident reported he was away on vacation when someone burglarized his home. An unknown suspect used a rock to break the back side of the kitchen window. The total loss of property is estimated to be about $14,850. There are no leads at this time.

Sept. 7

Petsmart fraud: At about 9:20 a.m. near the 31705 block of Pacific Highway S., an employee of Petsmart corporate offices in Arizona called to report two subjects who have been committing fraud at several Petsmart stores in King County and surrounding areas. The total amount stolen in the general area is around $7,000, but only about $200 in the Federal Way area. The suspects would reuse receipts after purchasing items and requesting refunds.

Man shoots self: At about 4:56 p.m. near the 34800 block of Pacific Highway S., the owner of a small revolver accidentally discharged the gun in his car while in traffic and shot himself in the left knee. No crime was committed and the gun was recovered for safekeeping.

Sept. 8

Hanging in FW court: At about 1:33 p.m. near the 33325 block of 8th Avenue S., a female subject attempted to hang herself in the Federal Way Municipal Court bathroom. An employee walked in on the attempted hanging. The female subject was transported by Tri-Med to a local hospital.

Sept. 9

Arson investigation: At about 3:34 a.m. near the 31419 block of Pacific Highway S., officers responded to reports of a dumpster fire behind the Petco building. Security reported that he saw three “homeless-looking” males in the area. South King Fire crews also responded and extinguished the fire. The three males were located nearby, stopped, identified and photographed. This fire was ruled as arson.