Federal Way Korean American Association supports Donghae after recent wildfires

Donghae, South Korea is one of Federal Way’s sister cities.

Recent wildfires burned more than 58,000 acres on the South Korea coast near Federal Way’s Sister City of Donghae.

The wildfires began in early March near the eastern coastal area of Uljin, located about 45 miles south of Donghae, Gangwon-do. The fires then spread north of Uljin to the areas of Samcheok and Donghae, according to Korean fire agencies.

The blaze scorched about 8 square miles acres of land in Donghae, according to the The Korea Times. The wildfires were extinguished by March 13.

Approximately 20 homes were damaged in Donghae, leaving over 100 residents displaced. In addition, over 300 buildings were damaged or destroyed.

“I offer our sincere concern and thoughts to the people of our Sister City of Donghae as they experience the aftermath of wildfires,” said Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell.

Residents of Federal Way can support relief and rebuilding by donating to the Federal Way Korean American Association.

“We are raising money so that Donghae citizens can stand up again without losing hope,” according to a GoFundMe established by the Federal Way Korean American Association.

For more information, visit the GoFundMe page, email info@fwkaa.org, or call 253-802-5310.

Federal Way’s Sister City relationship was established with Donghae in 2000.