Children playing with toy gun creates confusion

Gun spotted?: At 9:32 a.m. on July 16 near the 31000 block of 50th Terrace Southwest police responded to a call of a woman sitting in a vehicle with a gun in her lap threatening a male who was standing near by. Upon arrival the vehicle was found and the male and female were detained. An investigation revealed no gun was present, just an interlock device that had been mistaken for a weapon.

Swastikas: At 6:22 a.m. on July 17 near the 32000 block of Weyerhaeuser Way South a witness told police someone used a black marker to draw several swastikas along with “Kill a Trooper” around entrances to the building. The witness stated there had been no suspicious circumstances around the area. The witness cleaned the graffiti off the walls before police arrived and said they would send photos to police.

Non-voluntary committal: At 8:39 a.m. July 18 near the 4600 block of SW 320th Street police assisted an apparently mentally ill woman who was talking to “voices” and people not present and was delusional. She was wearing a medical bracelet and claimed it was due to an infection. A nearby business called 911 claiming she was striking herself in the face.

Acid: At 1:05 p.m. July 18 near the 500 block of Southwest 326th Street police responded to a call of someone throwing acid onto the back of the victim’s car. It reportedly caused extensive damage to the back of the car. The victim suspected it may have been her brother, as they got into an argument a few days prior. The brother denied he’d done it, saying he’d been asleep. His wife confirmed this. They all live in the same house. According to the brother, the victim had threatened to buy a gun and shoot him, though he said it was an empty threat. The victim denied making the threat. There is no suspect info regarding the car damage.

Pool rivalry: At 8:10 a.m. July 19 at 600 South 302nd Street, the manager of Marine Hills Pool contacted police to report vandalism to the property. Apparently an unknown suspect left shaving cream writing and threw toilet paper in the trees around the property. Management suspects the vandalism was done by a rival swim club. Leads are exhausted at this time.

Tree-cutter: At 11:05 a.m. July 19 near the 100 block of South 295th Place, the reporting party contacted police to let them know his neighbor jumped over his fence to cut his tree branches on several trees on his property. This was all captured on his surveillance system. The reporting did not want to press charges, but he wanted his neighbor spoken to about his conduct and wanted the incident documented.

Gunpoint robbery: At 12:07 p.m. July 19 near the 5400 block of Southwest Dash Point Road, a victim reported to police he was hiking at Dash Point State Park when he was robbed at gunpoint. The suspect took medication, cash and a ring from the victim. There was limited suspect information, and the suspect was not found in the immediate vicinity. The case was turned over to Crime Scene Invesigation.

Fourth-degree assault: At 12:36 p.m. July 20 near the 32400 block of 12th Avenue Southwest police responded to a husband and wife getting into a verbal argument that turned physical. Apparently the wife punched the husband repeatedly in the sides, arms and face. The wife was arrested without incident.

Trespassing: At 3:32 a.m. July 21 near the 34000 block of 16th Avenue South, a passerby called 911 to report a woman screaming for help and the listed location. Police determined there was no domestic violence and no witnesses, however a male on scene was trespassing from the Walmart Supercenter. The male suspect was arrested on the trespassing charge and booked into SCORE jail. The suspect had also been involuntarily committed after trespassing at the same location last year.

Toy gun: At 5:08 p.m. on July 21 near the 35000 block of 21st Avenue South, police were called about a suspicious subject witnessed driving a truck and spinning a gun around in his hand “like cowboys used to.” The reporting party followed the truck into Waverly Apartments. She advised she did not feel threatened nor was the gun ever pointed at her. After police contacted the owner, he said the gun was a toy and his kids were in the backseat playing with it. He also apologized for any confusion.

Non-criminal encounter: At 4:00 a.m. on July 22 near the 29000 block of Pacific Highway South, police assisted a victim who was requesting police shoot him. Police reported that the victim seemed to be having a conversation with voices in his head. He started telling police that Bruce Lee was his savior and asked police to kill him quickly. The victim did not appear to be able to care for himself, even with basic hygiene. The security officer at the location said the victim was running through halls and threatening to throw chairs and spit on people while others were attempting to stop him from hurting himself.

Family assault: At 11:58 a.m. on July 23 at Kitt’s Corner Apartments, police responded to a dispute between residents. There is an alleged history of the children from two families not getting along in the building. The kids got into a fight on the playground, which was broken up by one of the parents who then took their children to their apartment. Older kids from the other family came over and assaulted the mother and daughter.