3 armed men hold family at gunpoint | Federal Way Police Blotter

The following is a sample from the Federal Way police log.

June 15

Gun Shop Harassment: At about 10 a.m. near the 1400 block of South 324th St., police responded to reports of a man who reportedly seemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol making verbal threats against employees of a gun shop.

Asleep at the Carwash: At about 12:20 p.m. at the Elephant Car Wash on Pacific Highway South, police found a man passed out in his vehicle. The man had outstanding felony DOC warrants and was booked into jail.

School Shooting Threat: At about 2:19 p.m., the principal of Saghalie Middle School on 33914 19th Ave. SW reported hearing rumors of a school shooting that was threatened to happen either that day or the next.

June 16

Contractor Assault: At around 5:02 p.m. on the 4300 block of SW 322nd St., a former contractor reportedly arrived at a home he had worked on for a former client and pointed a gun at that client.

Maced at the Park: At around 8 p.m. at Saghalie Park on 33914 19th Ave. SW, police responded to reports that a man had been “maced” in the park. When police arrived the suspects had fled and the victim did not press charges.

June 17

Illegal Discharge: At around 1:44 a.m. near the 1600 block of S. 356th Street, police received reports of illegal gunshots and found thirteen shell casings at the scene of the crime. No damage to property or persons was identified, neither was the shooter.

Asleep at the Wheel: At around 5:38 a.m. near the 1400 block of S. 348th Street police found a male asleep at the wheel and blocking the left turn lane. He was contacted and arrested for suspected DUI.

Fake Corporate Employee Robbery: At around 3:11 p.m. near the 4600 block of SW 320th Street, police responded to reports from a 7-Eleven employee that a person had come into the store and convinced the employee he was from corporate before stealing about $395 in property from the store.

June 18

Armed Home Invasion: At around 5:38 a.m. near the 1300 block of SW Campus Drive, police responded to reports of three armed men entering a family’s home and holding them at gunpoint while they robbed the place. The suspects escaped on foot.

Former Police Vehicle Stolen: At around 2 p.m. near the 2200 block of S. Star Lake Road, police received reports of a stolen SUV. The vehicle reportedly used to be a Medina Police vehicle and has push bars, a driver side spotlight and the words “Medina Police” in a faint decal on the side.

Movie Money: At around 2:37 p.m., near the 31800 block of Pacific Highway S, employees at a convenience store reported that a customer tried to use a fake $100 bill that said “For Motion Picture Use Only” on it. The bill was confiscated without charges.

June 19

Stroller Theft: At around noon near the 2100 block of 314th St., a man was apprehended while pushing a stroller that he had allegedly filled with stolen property from a nearby commercial building.

June 20

Commercial Burglary: At around 9:30 a.m. near the 1600 block of Dash Point Road, police received reports of a commercial burglary. Owners claimed that $100,000 worth of damage was done as thieves stole copper pipe and wire.

Firework Injury: At around 4:27 p.m., at Saghalie Park, first responders were dispatched to help a juvenile who had reportedly sustained severe hand injuries from a firework. The juvenile was transported to Harborview in stable condition.

June 21

Gas Heist: At roughly 8:30 a.m. near the 33500 block of 13th Pl. S., police received reports that a company van’s gas tank had a one-inch hole drilled into it and all the gas stolen from it.

Landlord Threat: At around 8 p.m. near 820 block of SW 306th Street, police received a report from a tenant that his landlord had threatened to shoot him.

The Federal Way Mirror police blotter is a sample of entries compiled from the Federal Way Police Department’s Public Information Officer log. For more information on our processes at the Mirror, email your questions to editor@fedwaymirror.com