Pre Lab Pro Reviews: Is It Worth Buying?

Meta Description: Read on to find out if the new pre-workout, vegan-friendly health supplement, Pre Lab Pro, is a pre-workout supplement designed to help enhance your fitness performance in a natural way.

What is Pre Lab Pro?

Developed by the well-established UK-based company Opti-Nutra, Pre Lab Pro is a popular vegan-friendly pre-workout supplement to grace their fitness products’ shelves. Does it live up to consumer’s expectations? Or is it just another supplement cluttering up the pre-workout market?


What does Pre Lab Pro do?

The Pre Lab Pro functions are three-fold. It contains a large amount of Nitric Oxide (Nox), which helps to boost and sustain muscular blood flow. Enhancing stamina, strength, and focus also plays a role in post-workout muscle recovery.

The 80mg caffeine, L-Theanine, and nootropics support increased energy and intensity without caffeine’s traditional ‘jittery’ side effects. The third aspect of the supplement involves essential nutrients needed to assist peak performance, help maintain electrolytes to stop dehydration, and increase recovery rates.

What’s inside?

Refraining from using a proprietary blend, the Opti-Nutra product displays the ingredients and exact doses on the label. This will give a prospective buyer peace of mind before trying the product.

Ingredient Function
Vitamin B6 and B12 Reduce tiredness and fatigue.Assist with normal energy release.
Potassium Assists with nerve and muscle functioning.
Vitamin D Supports muscle functioning.
Iron Reduces tiredness and fatigue.
Natural caffeine derived from Coffea Robusta seeds (80mg per serving compared to 100mg per regular cup of coffee) A stimulant that decreases fatigue and improves mental functioning.
L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine L-Citrulline and L-Glutathione Blend Amino acids work well with caffeine.
Red Beet Powder Supports the cardiovascular system and turbo-charges workout performance.
Dextrose, Monk Fruit Extract, Stevia It sweetens and enhances the taste.
Himalayan Pink Salt It helps with muscle hydration and reduces fatigue.

Is it a quality product?

According to the official website, Pre Lab Pro maintains superior quality standards to ensure the highest quality pre-workout supplement is developed.

Pre Lab Pro is a clean product, unlike low-quality supplements containing artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, and other proprietary blends that do not inform consumers of their ingredients. Pre Lab Pro contains researched ingredients, including safe ergogenic nutrition. It is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, non-irradiated, free of gluten, allergens, synthetic additives, preservatives, and artificial colorants.

Pre Lab Pro’s manufacturing is state of the art. It’s fully registered with the FDA, certified with the NPA, UL, HACCP, STR, US Pharmacopeia, and compliant with multiple accredited authorities. Pre-Lab Pro undergoes third-party testing to obtain objective proof of the product’s nutritional purity.

By using recyclable packaging and packing materials, Pre Lab Pro has ensured that it is eco-friendly. Sustainable ingredients such as NutriGenesis® vitamins and minerals are also included. These nutrients do not use pesticides or herbicides and help to convert food into energy.

What does Pre Lab Pro look like?

Pre Lab Pro is packaged in a tub with a net weight of 260g and a complimentary plastic scoop. There are 20 servings as each scoop is a recommended 13g. The supplement is available in ‘Natural Berry.’

One scoop of Pre Lab Pro powder is mixed with a glass of water. In a few stirs, the powder dissolves easily. At times, a few lumps are left in the mixture. Using a protein shaker bottle will solve this problem.

What does Pre Lab Pro taste like?

The dark pink mixture is fruity and sweet. Although this is the case with pre-workout shakes, the mixture does leave a synthetic aftertaste. Overall, the taste is good. It is suggested that the supplement be taken half an hour before the training session.

Consumers are warned not to drink more than two scoops within 24 hours. Consumers may double dose and use two scoops of the supplement to achieve a more potent effect from the caffeine. Splitting the amount and consuming the second half during the workout is also okay.

What are the side effects?

Pre-Lab Pro is a well-dosed supplement with a sound balance between stimulants and nootropics. In other words, it replicates the positive energy boost created by caffeine but not the adverse side effects that usually accompany it.

Although the website does not show any information about side effects, the product does display warning labels. It is advised that the consumer takes careful note of this. Anyone younger than 18, or those pregnant or breastfeeding, should not take the supplement.

If any adverse reactions occur after taking the supplement, the consumer must discontinue the product immediately and consult a medical professional. It is always wise to consult a qualified professional before taking any new health supplement.

Additional caffeine consumption can also affect the results of Pre Lab Pro. The consumer should ensure that their total intake is not excessive. A single serving is the equivalent of a regular cup of coffee.

How Much is Pre Lab Pro?

With one tub costing $59, Pre Lab Pro is a high-end supplement that might not appeal to the consumer on a budget. The price correlates to $1.97 per serving. However, buying in bulk is more cost-effective.

A three-month supply is $177. That includes three canisters, an additional free canister, plus free worldwide shipping. That works out to $1.48 per canister. However, Pre Lab Pro is not widely available and can also be purchased via their official website. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Google Play.


What are the pros and cons?

Pros Cons
A good combination of vitamins and minerals is included in the supplement. Expensive in comparison to other pre-workout supplements on the market.
Includes L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine amino acids. A minimal amount per tub, i.e., 20 servings.
Nootropic-enhanced caffeine for energy and focus. It includes a reasonable amount of caffeine, i.e., 80g per scoop. Pre-Lab Pro can only be purchased via the official website.
Vegan-friendly product Pre-Lab Pro is only available in one flavor.
Ergogenic: strength, speed, stamina, endurance, recovery, cardiovascular, anabolic muscle growth are all supported. The money-back guarantee only applies to the initial purchase.
Homeostasis support after a workout session. The product is new on the market.
A tasty berry flavor that is easy to drink. No free samples are given to customers.
Promotes overall health and balance to help accelerate the consumer’s fitness plan.
Speedy delivery service.
Multiple online payment options.
30-day money-back guarantee.
A 24/7 online customer care feature.
The product ships to multiple countries.
Pre-Lab Pro is certified by multiple accredited organizations.
Eco-friendly packaging is used for Pre Lab Pro.
Various currencies are accepted for payment, viz. Euros, US dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, and British pound.
The official website is easy to navigate and includes an informative FAQ page.

Do they have customer care?

Pre Lab Pro ensures speedy worldwide shipping within 24 hours of your online purchase (Monday to Friday). With a 30-day money-back guarantee, customers are given peace of mind if they are not satisfied with the results.

However, this only applies to an initial purchase of the product. The official website offers 24/7 online support to their clientele. The support team can also be contacted via email or a contact page on their website. Email replies are usually sent within 30 minutes of a customer’s query.


Other points to ponder?

The consumer needs to be aware that food supplements are not designed to substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Always ensure that a balanced meal plan and exercise regime are incorporated. A doctor should always be consulted if further medical information is required.


What is the verdict?

Pre Lab Pro shows that it can be an excellent option for consumers searching for a vegan-friendly pre-workout supplement with top-quality ingredients. Although consumers have noted an extreme increase in energy levels and reduced recovery times between workouts, it is regarded as a light formula.

A marked improvement in mental focus and motivation is also evident. Consistent energy levels are also an added advantage. Consumers wanting a more substantial immediate effect should look for an alternative supplement.

Unfortunately, the high price might prove expensive to many prospective consumers, and the product is only available for online purchase from the official website. The quality of ingredients and manufacturing is top-notch, making this a sought-after supplement that deserves its spot in the pre-workout market. To learn more about Pre-Lab Pro, visit the official website for more information.


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