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Dr Goodrow Reviews: Real At-Home Indoor Garden to Grow Food?

Dr. Goodrow is an indoor garden kit, which is designed to help users grow their favorite vegetables and fruits at home. According to the official website, this kit is made of the highest premium materials, the kit offers guaranteed quality and durability. Once ordered, the company delivers the kit straight to your door.

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own vegetables at home, you’re not alone. Many people would like to grow their own herbs and vegetables but find it a daunting process from lack of experience. Dragging heavy bags of potting soil, building suitable planters, and planting and watering the seeds are part of an effort that many people may find daunting and even tedious.

However, there is a new way to help you have your own indoor garden of vegetables and herbs regardless of where you live, or outdoor areas to plant. Read this review to discover Dr. Goodrow—the magical indoor garden that allows you to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, and flowers all year-round.

What is Dr. Goodrow?

This kit is easy to set up, works fast, and allows you to start growing your herbs immediately. If you’re a fanatic of greens and wishing you could grow your own greens because you lack a garden space and don’t know where to begin, Dr. Goodrow offers a perfect solution. It’s a magical growing aerogarden, which anyone can use anywhere in their homes.

This countertop garden enables you to grow all your favorite veggies, fruits, and herbs throughout the year while saving space and money, and the garden system does all the work for you. You can even use it in darker areas in the home during the winter, and it requires no maintenance.

Main Features of Dr. Goodrow

Rapid Growth

Dr. Goodrow’s kit offers consumers the best setting for seeds to germinate and grow. It embraces a mix of water, LED lighting, and nutrients, which allow your plants to quickly grow by as much as 25-30%.


Everything you need comes in one package. Just add water to the seeds and relax and they germinate and grow. Forget about bringing dirt into the house or washing stubborn stains out of your garments.

Less Waste

Produce bought from stores doesn’t stay fresh and spoils faster. This leads to more waste for users who only want fresh produce. Dr. Goodrow allows you to grow your produce right where you live. You can have fresh greens from your own indoor garden anytime you want. This also saves on groceries.

Zero Maintenance

Dr. Goodrow’s kit has a built-in 16-hour timer with sunrise and sunset simulation. The system resumes another cycle after eight hours. It also has an alarm that alerts you when it’s time to replenish the water. You simply need to set it and sit back and watch the indoor garden grow.

Benefits of Dr. Goodrow Kit

Dr. Goodrow kit offers the following benefits:

  • Hydroponics: the kit operates with just water and nutrients—no soil. The absence of soil eliminates most pests such as bugs, aphids, and flies.
  • Natural: Dr. Goodrow’s kit works without herbicides and pesticides, which might ruin the quality of the produce. The seeds are GMO-free, and many of them are heirloom varieties sourced organically.
  • Energy-efficient: Dr. Goodrow’s planting kit uses very little water and electricity. With efficient LED grow lights, you can end up using only pennies a day to operate.
  • Perfect for beginners: The kit embraces a state-of-the-art, fully automated control panel, which makes indoor gardening easy for everyone. You don’t need to worry about adding nutrients or water.

The LCD screen provides growing tips and reminds you from the beginning to the end. Besides, the LED grow lights are programmable to automatically switch on/off at a specific time of the day.

How Dr. Goodrow Planting Kit Works

Dr. Goodrow’s planting kit uses a type of hydroponics known as aeroponics to give water and nutrients to the roots. It doesn’t require soil to work. A mix of aeroponics and LED grow lights enable the plants to grow twice as fast. Additionally, the kit uses up to 95% less water compared to soil-grown plants and up to 60% less fertilizer.

In the end, it’s a very efficient method of growing plants indoors. Dr. Goodrow allows you to grow plants throughout the year, regardless of the climate, anywhere without the need for natural light.

The kit works in three main steps:

Step #1: Start by filling the garden with the required amount of water and the included plant food.

Step #2: The second step involves assembling each growth basket by putting seeds into the sponges and placing the sponges into the baskets. Each basket takes its own place in the garden.

Step #3: Once each basket has taken its spot in the garden and the seeds are labeled, switch on the system. Your indoor garden is ready to grow.

Where to Get Dr. Goodrow Kit

Dr. Goodrow’s kit is currently available for purchase through the authorized website at https://www.shopdrgoodrow.com/en/index.html. You can order your kit today at a special introductory price of $149.99 with a 50% off discount. According to the manufacturer, this offer is only for a limited time and may not be available again for months. The company also offers bulk purchase discounts for those who buy two or more units. Remember, that’s Dr. Goodrow Kit for $149.99

To contact Dr. Goodrow, consumers can reach customer service by email, in writing, or with a phone call to:

  • Phone:
  • United States (Toll-Free): 855 219 4892
  • Canada (Toll-Free): 855 219 4892
  • United Kingdom: 033 0818 0828
  • Australia: (02) 5133 5668
  • Email: support@shopdrgoodrow.com
  • COMPANY ADDRESS: Quality Performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013

Dr. Goodrow Kit Final Verdict

Dr. Goodrow comes with a built-in automatic timer that ensures your plants get an adequate amount of light every day. If you’ve always wanted to grow your own fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs in the comfort of your home, this kit could be all you need to get started. Importantly, should you be unhappy with the kit for any reason, the manufacturer offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee. This means it’s a risk-free investment.

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