Bluvys Reviews – Useful Blue Light Blocking Glasses Eyewear?

Bluvys Reviews – Useful Blue Light Blocking Glasses Eyewear?

Bluvys are a set of glasses that according to the official website are made with special blue light blocking lenses to prevent eye fatigue and the blurriness that can often be associated with prolonged exposure to digital screens. The glasses are specially developed for those who are frequently exposed to blue-violet and LED light, and Bluvys requires no prescription, and the lightweight design is ideal for everyday use.

Everyone has been told that watching too much television could cause issues with their eyesight later in life. However, the threat isn’t just watching the television itself anymore. The problem is the screens from our smartphones, tablets, and computers display have a blue light. Blue light can cause major irritation and damage to the eyes, and people likely experience headaches and eye strain over time. With the use of a pair of Bluvys, these side effects won’t happen.

How Bluvys Works

Bluvys provides users with a protective shield over their eyes. This shield may prevent consumers from suffering from the typical eye fatigue and discomfort resulting from spending hours immersed in work or social media. Considering that so many meetings for adults and children are being hosted online, a pair of these blue light glasses may help anyone adjust to the added time online.

The effects of the blue light filtration go beyond when the user is wearing them. Without this constant exposure to blue light, many people report sleeping better at night and experiencing fewer eye strain headaches throughout the day. Plus, since Bluvys are relatively lightweight, consumers may not have to worry about excess pressure on the ears while in use. Consumers who use multiple blue-violet and LED light screens have symptoms such as:

  • Mental fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sore and dry eyes
  • Restless/poor sleep
  • Blurred vision
  • Neck, shoulder, and even back pain

Why Do Bluvys Protect the Eyes?

The Bluvys have scratch-resistant lenses glasses that have a special filtration on the lenses. These lenses are claimed by the manufacturer to block up to 40% of the blue light on a spectrum of 430-450 nm. However, blue light at 410 nm is completely blocked.

Since these durable framed glasses don’t have a prescription in the lens, users can wear them over contact lenses. They can even wear the glasses with perfect vision since their point is to protect them from exposure to blue light, not to correct any issues in their eyes.

Buying Bluvys

Found on the official Bluvys website, users can choose one of the following packages. Each one has a different number of glasses, allowing the user to keep a pair at work at home or offer the glasses to loved ones who want a good deal. Customers can choose from several frame colors, Black, Clear, Children’s Black, Pink, and Aqua.

Choose from:

The company also offers a replacement warranty and lifetime protection at an additional $9.97. The extended warranty offers the assurance your product is covered for life – and customers get their orders rush shipped to them.

Users who don’t get the protection they want or don’t like how the glasses fit can return them within 30 days to get a full refund. For other questions or concerns, send an email to

  • Email: support@bluvys.com
  • Phone toll-free:1-800-457-1310
  • Address: Bazaar Innovations LLC 162 Rancho Santa Fe Road E70, #495 Encinitas CA 92024
  • Returns Address: Bazaar Innovations LLC 162 Rancho Santa Fe Road E70, #495 Encinitas CA 92024


Bluvys glasses are for anyone that wants to reduce the impact and exposure to the many screens in their home. The glasses require no prescription, and are said to be safe to use with any vision. Users that want to improve their eye strain, headaches, or sleep better at night could see major advantages to wearing Bluvys glasses whenever they use a screen. With the month-long return policy available, users won’t have to worry about losing out on their investment if the style doesn’t work for them.

For any other questions or concerns, send an email to support@bluvys.com.