Commission member wants to help seniors embrace the internet

Reynolds, in his 70s, said he’s a big supporter of people using the internet and wants to help people enjoy surfing the web.

Some don’t want it, and others are scared, but Federal Way Senior Advisory Commission member David Reynolds said the internet doesn’t have to be an elusive mystery.

Reynolds said he is putting together classes for seniors to learn how to use computers and access the internet, but his biggest challenge right now is contacting seniors. He said that because his target demographic isn’t on the internet, it’s tough to get in contact with them. Through his classes, he said he wants to teach people about the dangers and positive aspects of the internet.

“There’s scams of every type, shape, and even dating sites have scams. If you have the proper software to eliminate viruses, you won’t see scams because they’ll be taken out,” Reynolds said. “Number two is information that’s fake news. You have to know that the places on the internet have actual truth, proof and background. There’s lots of things out there that have nothing to do with fact. This is definitely a danger of being on the internet.”

Another danger of being on the internet, Reynolds said, is being on the internet too much. But as long as people balance their time, that isn’t a big deal.

Positives of the internet include establishing meaningful relationships with family and friends, while another positive is finding information that will better your life. That could be dependent on your age, your income, your place that you live, Reynolds said.

“There’s information available on the internet that you’ll never find if you’re not on the internet, and it would be happenstance if you were to find out about something that would be commonly known to everyone,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds, in his 70s, said he’s a big supporter of people using the internet and wants to help people enjoy surfing the web. Reynolds said he knows many of his fellow seniors are weary of hopping on the internet because they don’t know where to start.

Reynolds strongly believes that people need to continue learning and experiencing no matter what age they are, so they’re not just wasting away. He thinks if people aren’t given the opportunity to learn more, it’s a travesty. He said the internet is a place where people can continue learning new things and more about their hobbies.

“The main reason that I wanted to get involved was to try to help people who are at home and who want to learn how to communicate in a modern world via the internet,” Reynolds said. “And to make sure that they can do it, know how to do it, and most importantly, that they’re safe when they’re doing it.”

Those interested in technology classes can express their interest with an email to David Reynolds at