Thoughts on FWPS and the superintendent | Letter to the editor

The success of a community’s public schools largely relies on the mutual respect within the community for the professional educators and the reciprocal respect of those educators and their administration of the community.

This seems straightforward even when there are challenges, since the public is the source of funding.

The recent announcement of transition as the current superintendent moves on seems inconsistent with the community responsibilities that the Federal Way school district and school board have.

The announcement of the current superintendent’s departure came at the same time as an announcement of her successor.

No public input. No validation from the community on direction. No search to ensure our community, students, and staff benefit from a rigorous selection process.


The current superintendent benefited from a rigorous process that included all stakeholders.

The behind closed doors anointing of one of the superintendent’s staff support feels … at best, imprudent. It also feels something like a classically inappropriate backroom deal.

It feels even more so with the current superintendent staying on payroll — our tax dollars payroll — beyond her tenure as superintendent to “mentor” her hand-picked successor.

If her successor needs a paid mentor, then why was there no open process public search for one qualified to serve on day one?

The FWPS School Board let the community down.

They should be ashamed of themselves for not fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility to our community.

Jim Storvick,