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The old neighborhoods of Federal Way

There seems to be some controversy and a lot of snarky comment about what kind of community Federal Way has become.

There seems to be some controversy and a lot of snarky comment about what kind of community Federal Way has become, and its slightly amusing to those of us who grew up in this suburban region – when there was only one high school, Mac’s Tavern and one shopping center (all outside) and when the only department store was in Auburn.

We had some “poor” neighborhoods in the 1950’s-60s, only a few “rich” ones. But most of those areas were in the middle, well-painted ramblers with three or four bedrooms, pets galore, and a station wagon parked in the driveway. Most of us went to public school, of course, and we did very well. In my neighborhood there were a few young men who joined the military, became soldiers, paratroopers and victims of war. Many others went out of high school to college and earned degrees and entered the professions. There were the two registered nurses, the state patrol guy, the rock musician, the dentist, and the expert on fish biology. Some went into business. A half-dozen or so went into teaching, and at least three taught in universities. Not to mention three physicians, four attorneys and two judges. Then there were the two Air Force pilots, the drama teacher and the minister, and the fellow who became a small town mayor and the kid who did some performing on television. And the talkative athlete who still does TV sports.

Our community did not fail us — many of us succeeded. So, look — stop whining, follow up and step up. We’ll move the bar higher, if need be. We did pretty darn well. You can do better.

Martin Smith


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