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Comprehensive sex education

To stand for basic decency, restraint, purity, and the sanctity of sexual expression in the sealed blessing of marriage, is not hateful rhetoric.

It was extremely heartening to see so many loving, caring families attend the recent Town Hall meeting in Federal Way. They waited peacefully, politely and patiently for more than an hour and 15 minutes before finally speaking up and carefully stating their case.

Concern about the use of comprehensive sexuality education in our schools is what most expressed. They rightly feel that CSE is neither age appropriate nor scientifically accurate as stated. It is not a sound, simple, scientific sex ed program designed to protect and direct our children as it should be. It is extremely explicit, excessively indoctrinating our children into ideologies that go far beyond simple sex ed. Federal Way Schools is currently planning a FLASH pilot program starting in May.

Go to King County Public Health and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction respectively to view portions of the FLASH and KNOW curricula currently used in the state mandated HIV programs. Much is too explicit for their public website, yet it is used for our children. Promoted as sound, sane, and sensible, the actual lessons look horrific. Go to for information on CSE world wide.

To stand for basic decency, restraint, purity (do children today know what the word means?), and the sanctity of sexual expression in the sealed blessing of marriage, is not hateful rhetoric. To say that lifestyle choices outside of the long standing multi-cultural, multi- religious, and multi-societal safety norms of heterosexual marriage, are dangerous is not a lie. These behaviors are extremely risky on many levels, as shown by scientific and experiential data. Sexually transmitted diseases, mental and emotional instabilities, post abortion trauma for men, women, and their families, only add fuel to the growing data fire.

“Post Abortion Trauma: Nine Steps to Recovery” by Jeanette Vought, is a wonderful resource on this matter as is the movie “Unplanned,” which is beautifully done and playing currently in F.W and many places.

Please contact Teen Aid of Spokane or other valid sources for sound, appropriate, state certified home schooling sex ed curriculum and stop CSE in your schools or opt your children out. Please protect your children.

Patricia Conant

Federal Way

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