Students write letters to support Federal Way school levies

Please vote yes for schools

I am writing this letter to express my support of the two school district levies up for renewal on Feb. 8, 2022, and encourage my fellow community members to vote “yes” to continue critical funding for our schools.

My name is Mia Morgan, and I am currently a Thomas Jefferson High School student. I am proud to be in support of the two school district levies that are up for renewal. Supporting this would mean supporting myself, my friends, and the teachers and staff in our school system.

During COVID-19, I was provided with a computer, as well as many other needed school supplies because of the levies. It also allowed me to keep participating in athletics, which is a healthy outlet for myself and fellow athletes.

I’m choosing to support these two levies because:

The EP&O levy provides funding needed for essential staff and programs, like counselors, nurses, security staff, custodians, special education, athletics, music, and more.

The tech levy ensures all students in Federal Way have access to the technology they need to learn skills required to excel in today’s workforce.

The total estimated FWPS tax rates, including the bond approved in 2017, the tech levy, and the EP&O levy, will stay roughly the same as they are currently.

Students are the future of Federal Way, and they are worth the investment of our community.

If you have questions and want to learn more about these levies, I encourage you to check out the Federal Way Public Schools website at

Ballots will be mailed on Jan. 19, 2022, and drop boxes open on Jan. 20, 2022. I encourage you to vote “yes” on propositions 1 and 2 to support our schools by Feb. 8, 2022.

Mia Morgan

Thomas Jefferson High School student

These levies are vital to FWPS

As a Todd Beamer High School senior and registered voter, I am proud to invest in the future of the next generation in our community.

My goal is to attend Seattle University, with a focus on political science in order to continue expanding my view on current local and world issues. What inspired me to get into political science and study American politics was through Project-Based Learning and after school programs, funded by the EP&O and tech levies. I have watched and read documentaries about political leaders and what they stand for. Leaders like Malcolm X, MLK, Angela Davis, Maya Angelou, Kathleen Cleaver, Huey P. Newton and Fred Hampton, who inspired me with their focus on human and civil rights activism.

My goal is to make sure not only my dreams, but all FWPS scholars’ dreams reach their full limits of reality, making them a dream come true. If you show people that you really care about what you want to set yourself straight for in the near future, you might have an opportunity of getting into some of the best specialized programs FWPS has to offer. It also lets teachers figure out where you would be best fit if you’re planning to go to college or seeking a specialized career.

The programs I’ve been in were Saturday groups with my school friends where FWPS staff would spend their weekends taking us on some pretty amazing field trips. One day we went to HCC where we got the honor of meeting Tommie Smith, a track star from the 1968 Olympics championship from Clarksville, Texas, and someone who we will never forget! Also, David Banner, an American actor and rapper from Brookhaven, Mississippi. It might not sound as fun to you, but it was a big deal to me to be in a program that opened the doors and made this possible for me.

I know how to get my work done and I’m never one to cause any distractions to people who are seeking similar opportunities. High school is just a small part of your life and after you graduate, you’re going to be alone and you won’t have as many friends as you did before. That’s why it’s important to have a goal set for yourself as soon as possible because people come and go, but your educational and career goals — those stay with you. Success is what matters the most.

I couldn’t be more thankful being here at Beamer and I couldn’t have asked for better teachers and staff. They really do care and if you give them the chance to just let them sit down with you and discuss your goals, they do everything possible to help as best they can. I’m going to miss them and I won’t forget the faces of those who have helped me throughout my four years. I hope all future FWPS students also have the opportunity to make the best out of their life as best they can and make their dreams come true, too.

Students in the Federal Way Public Schools district have so many resources to meet their high standards, meaning getting into their dream college, or stepping straight into their dream job. Every student should have the same opportunities as everyone else — regardless of their ethnicity, background, or sexual orientation. Have the freedom to build and connect with others who are looking for the same success. Having curriculum support specialists, counselors, college and career specialists, and social workers to help them through their economical barriers and start their post-secondary pathway early on in high school truly makes a difference!

Being able to relate to someone who has gone through similar stages of wanting to be where they’re at right now and knowing how to help plan academically to get there, I think that makes it easier for others who are trying to do the same thing. Every student has a future! Some might not recognize the talent they have in them but that’s why we, as a community, must continue to support our students to achieve their full potential. These levies are vital in the continuation to push limits, break barriers, and ultimately be an investment within our community.

Malachi Hunter

Todd Beamer High School student

Grateful to support schools

I am so grateful for the partnership for many years with former Superintendent Dr. Tammy Campbell, Superintendent Dr. Dani Pfeiffer, and many others in FWPS leadership. It has been our privilege to support, pray, and work together for the betterment of our community, families, and students. I have seen the heart and passion for the students to have opportunities to grow, learn, and be set up for success for their futures. I am grateful to support the tech levy and the EP&O levy currently in and in years past. I recommend your approval of these levies to better our FWPS community.

Dan Larson

Family Life Community Church