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Letter writer misses the mark on Christian culture

My letter is in response to Mary Locke’s letter, “Schools are at odds with Christian culture.”

Let me start by saying I am disappointed in the Mirror for continuing to give a platform to what I consider to be anti-LGBTQ hate speech. I have counted no less than three letters in this paper from Mary Locke alone that have contained such hateful rhetoric. These letters contribute nothing in terms of meaningful discussion, and only sow hate and divisiveness in our community.

I am also disappointed that Mary compares what she considers the modern plight of Christians to the conditions of Native Americans. It comes off as incredibly insensitive, especially considering the recent uncoverings of hundreds of unmarked bodies of Indigenous peoples beneath residential schools and churches.

The idea that public schools are trying to convert youth into homosexuality or becoming transgender is ridiculous, and always has been. Mary’s constant attacks on public schools are, I believe, nothing more than dishonest attempts at de-legitimizing both public education and the LGBTQ community. Look no further than in previous letters where she calls them a “cult” and frequently spreads misinformation. As an educator in Federal Way myself, these letters have been frustrating to read.

Our job as educators is to welcome and accept all our students, no matter how they come to us. To do otherwise would definitely limit their academic potential. At a time when youth suicide rates continue to rise dramatically, especially so among LGBTQ youth, welcoming and accepting them is the least we can do.

Furthermore, I reject Mary’s idea of a “true” Christian culture. She and anti-LGBTQ groups believe that the diversity of genders and sexual orientations violate religious Christian beliefs. Let me assure you, these topics are only violations of her personal beliefs, and most definitely not violations with Christianity as a whole. The church I attend with my wife, Wayside UCC, is an open and affirming congregation, meaning we welcome LGBTQ members, support their relationships, and advocate for their basic rights. After all, “accept one another, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.”

Sam Rise,

Federal Way

When your kids come out of the closet

I just read a letter to the editor telling us that “promoting homosexual lifestyles to children at school deeply hurts the true Christian culture.” That letter talks also about “true Christian families.”

I respect my fellow Christians who fear that their own kids could come out of the closet. The thing is, regardless of whether they come out or not, your kids are whatever they are. Ever since Adam and Eve, no heterosexual has ever come out of the closet as gay. If your kid tells you she is a lesbian, it means she has always been a lesbian and would be regardless of her “lifestyle.”

But the main issue, as far as I am concerned, is that you have no right to claim Christianity for yourselves. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, asexuals and their heterosexual friends may be as much Christian as you are. I am definitively a Christian and I do not have any problem with the LGBTQA community.

Plus, you are not logical because Christians who oppose the LGBTQA community are usually the same ones who deny that Jesus Christ was heterosexual and married to Mary Magdalene. If Jesus Christ was asexual, or in other words if Jesus Christ was a member of the LGBTQA community, how could it be wrong to befriend our LGBTQA brothers and sisters?

Francois J. Ryf,

Federal Way

Shopping cart controversy

I read the article about the shopping carts that were left on the sidewalk from private citizens. The city should thank these people! Not threatening them with arrest and fines. Sounds like the city wants to deflect the problem, not cure it! I think that it’s time to start voting some people out of office. It’s not a crime to be homeless, but it is crime to constantly break the law!

Joe Carlo,

Federal Way