Schools are at odds with Christian culture | Letter

Out of concerns for the Native American community (culture), the superintendent of Federal Way Public Schools has made the decision to rename Totem Middle School (“Totem Middle School to undergo name, mascot change,” June 18).

My observation is that the public schools work to be sensitive to the Native American culture, while at the same time, FWPS works overtime to undermine Judeo-Christian culture.

I have been in Totem Middle School. I have seen a full-sized bulletin board flagrantly promoting transgenderism and the homosexual lifestyle to children. The bulletin board was designed by Totem’s GLSEN teacher.

The LGBT-promoting bulletin board is at odds with true Christian culture. Promoting homosexual lifestyles to children at school deeply hurts the true Christian culture. Where is the concern for the true Christian culture?

The GLSEN bulletin board does not help to improve Totem Middle School’s academics, and it is offensive to true Christian families.

I am waiting for the FWPS superintendent to show concern for the true Christian culture by removing offensive bulletin boards, and removing all of the GLSEN’s rainbow stickers throughout the entire school district.

I’ve noticed that Federal Way Public Schools spends a fair amount of money on advertisements in the Federal Way Mirror. My question to the Federal Way Mirror is: Are you too influenced by the advertising dollars coming from the FWPS to publish this letter?

Mary Locke, Federal Way